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From The Heart

I hope you know that I care, truly
Yes, I do

I only want to be there when you need a friend
A shoulder you can lean on
I sometimes want to wrap my arms around you
Make you feel comforted

I hope you know
I truly care for you


He’s Into Him

I wished on a falling star
To keep my distance and his not too far
I wished he’d notice me
Despite the many fish in the sea
I wished he’d know
What I feel is true
But all of this is just a wish
Because I am just a friend of his
And if he were to do something at a whim
He wouldn’t choose me over him


I don’t have the sunshine in my hands
I can’t make the rain stop
I’m no superhero
But I will help you get through whatever it is you’re going through
I’m here for you

Our Friendship

Friend oh friend you are indeed
The one that’s true until the end
Our friendship started like a mere seed
And now…it has since grown

Last Day

I scoop the sunset
Keep it in my back pocket
I collect the smiles
And hide them away
The memories are locked away
Ready for the rainy day
One last look
One last glance
One last time
Before our temporary goodbye
Bitter-sweet is this day
I spend my last day at work with all of you

He Will Never Know

He doesn’t know
I love him so
He’ll never see
What he means to me
For I am just another friend
Who’ll be there for him until the end

Don’t Mix

Don’t mix love and friendship
You are not good at it
Stay on course amd let things be
Instead of controlling what you can’t


He asked if I’m alright
And I say I am
He looks at me funny
Cause he knows I am not
Deep inside I think he knows
But for the love of friendship he keeps it to himself


You came into my life when I needed to lean on someone
Helped me in ways I never thought of
Truly I am grateful to have you

I am in love with the thought of you and I as friends
We need not be romantic
And I need not any other reason

See You

A chapter is filled and so we must start a new one
It is never easy to part with friends
But I know we will forever be bounded by the mutual love we have for each other

A Real Surrealist

Feel My Words

The Midnight Ember

An Ember for Thought

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