When I get home from work, all exhaustion and laziness pour on me. Yet, I spend my time right after eating, facing another computer screen, wracking my brains out for any means of inspiration.

A word,

a phrase,

something I saw on the way home or to work,


I write, or the better word is post, a poem everyday not because I get paid for it. I don’t earn any income from this blog. Nothing. Nada. Not even a cent. The reason is because I have always wanted to start a blog and because I love poetry. Very simple. You see, when you work in a BPO and you have no means or outlet outside work, you get stuck. Stagnant. I guess like any other job, specially if it’s not what you are passionate about. Let’s face it, not many of us get to do what we are really passionate about. I know I don’t.

When I started this blog back in April of this year, I promised myself one thing. That promise was to write one poem or post a favorite poem (every Monday), everyday until I’m all out of ideas….or inspiration. I do this because it’s my passion. It helps me think and gives my mind something to think about, something to exercise. I do not want to stagnate. I keep at it because I promised myself to write ONE POEM EVERYDAY.

Even if I don’t get any money out of doing this, although hopefully in the future I will be able to, I do this because it’s my dream, my talent (forgive me if I’m not so modest), my gift from God and I want to share it as any talent should be shared. I always hurry back home so I can start my poem for the next day (yes, most poems are written in advance this is in case I have somewhere important to go to). That’s how eager I am writing my posts. As eager as I am to see who has followed my blog and who liked which post or who left a comment.

I pray that those of you reading this will go for your passion and will sustain it as long as you can. If you promise yourself to do something or to reach a goal, do what you can and don’t make excuses why you can’t.

Keep at it.

Be inspired.

Be passionate.

2 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Hello Maria,
    I just read your post about passion; and I fully agree. Follow your dreams wherever they may lead you. I loved how you ended the post about passion:
    “Keep at it.

    Be inspired.

    Be passionate.”

    Kind regards,


    Liked by 1 person

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