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Those Eyes

He looked at me
And I looked into his eyes too
Those eyes see me
Those eyes know me
Those eyes are what I look for
He does not know how important our friendship is to me

Not That Special

I am just another girl
Another face
Another friend

I thought I could be the special one
The best
I guess I’m not that special after all

Worse Than A Broken Heart

I’m sorry she got mad at you
I’m sorry that made you feel blue
I know you love her
And your love for her is true

I only wanted a part of you
A part that loved me for who I am
The part that loves me
As a friend
I know I can only be your friend
And I’m fine with that
Because if we cease to be as such
That would be worse than any broken heart

Your Shoulder

Cherry lips I don’t have
But they speak nothing but praise for you
I am not as graceful as a princess
Yet I can be the gentle arm that catches you when you fall
A pretty face I do not have
But a heart full of love can give you good cheer
Know this and be not afraid
You have me, your shoulder

Easy Does It

A fine line between friendship and love
Should I go down this path once more?
Tread lightly heart of mine
You know where this leads to

To Put A Smile

To put a smile on your face
Tell you that you’re not out of place
Hold the world for you
I know they will love you too
You can get through this
So, let put a smile on your face please

Getting Comfortable

He tells a joke no friend of mine would dare tell me
Yet I take no offense because it really is nothing you see
I guess I may have learned along the way
Or it’s just him making me feel this way

It gets so easy to feel so at ease
I don’t want the moment to stop or cease
I long for his hugs and the warmth of his embrace
I like the comfort of him
An addiction unlikely to end soon

Keep Me Warm

And I cuddle and bundle myself
But thinking of only one thing that can truly keep me warm
His hugs
His smile
Those eyes
The way he winks at me
That look on his face
The way he laughs

I can’t wait until I am with him once more

And He Is The Winner

I told him a secret
He listened in
Told him only important bits
And he was able to decode it all
He made me laugh
Made me see what a fool I am for falling for the wrong guy

My heart is doing better
I feel lighter
He is a keeper
Yes he is
No we don’t have that kind of relationship
But he is true
A true friend indeed

It warms my heart knowing there is a guy who loves me true

Rid Of Me

To have a friend for a lifetime
A friend through and through
A real jewel
A real treasure
Priceless you are
Bonds strong and getting stronger
Thanks for keeping me
And even if you won’t
You can’t get rid of me that easily

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