Surprise, Surprise

I started this blog April of this year as a way to channel my so-called “talent” and a way to keep sane in an otherwise insane work world. I did not expect that this blog would have 55 followers to date (in fact I did not expect any followers at all). Imagine my surprise that someone, it was Maggie, author of the poetry blog Magiemayijustsaythis, actually clicked the FOLLOW button.

Anyway, I got side-tracked there again as I often do, I was reading through one Freshly Pressed when my Notifications lit up in orange and showed the trophy icon. For a moment I though I’d won something. It wasn’t exactly that but it was something more surprising. The notification was about my First Anniversary here in WordPress (Yahoo!!!!).

I’ve forgotten that it was on this day last year, my mom’s birthday, that I started an account here in WordPress. This was not my first take at blogging. Back when Friendster was the “in” thing (Friendster’s heyday was awesome if you ask me), I started a blog. The blog I had was about anything I could think of, how my day went, my memorable moments, cartoons I used to watch, you name it. I didn’t write everyday but it was a good outlet for me, I love writing and having that blog was a treasure for me. When Friendster rebooted itself (thanks to Facebook, insert sarcasm here), I lost my treasure. So I hunted for blog sites. I had an account with Blogger, Livejournal and other blog sites I could find but left after a while because, I didn’t seem to “fit” in. Finally, I came across WordPress, it wasn’t love at first sight but the site features were amazing and quite user friendly compared to the ones I’ve tried before.

The blog I started was more of taking pictures here and there. It was not a photography blog per se, although the idea was more or less like that. It didn’t fit me and I could not go on with it so I deleted that blog. I stopped blogging for a couple of months until finally it hit me, why not post poems on my blog and make it a daily thing? So that’s what I did. My laptop was only a month old when I started this blog and once I started, I could not stop. I always look forward to posting poems daily. It was rough at first but I made it through, well so far anyway.

So here I am, one year with WordPress, the longest blog site I’ve ever been. Don’t worry, there’s no sign that I will be leaving here anytime, after all this has been a haven and a home for me. I look forward to my second year with WordPress and for the first year anniversary of this blog this coming April.

Thank you again so much WordPress!

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