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Twas in Hobbiton that I visited some days ago
A place where big folks hardly go
It is at the center of the Shire
A place one would readily admire

Yet when I arrived, no Hobbit greeted me
So I knocked on the door eagerly
Still I saw no one or heard not a sound
Not a peep from under or over ground

On an adventure it seems, the Hobbits have gone
They might have left before dawn
Perhaps I'll come back another day
And in Hobbiton for a while I might stay

© Maria Michaela

The farm resort where my family and I spent the weekend had a Hobbit house. My mom was excited when she found out and had her photo taken outside. As the Hobbit house is a "room" they rent out, we weren't allowed to go inside for health protocol reasons. Still, we were excited to have our photos taken from the outside. It felt like we were in Middle Earth for a while.

It seems I found two Hobbits after all 😂.
My mom is the one on the right and on the left is my brother's mother-in-law.
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The Kiss

He held her hand gently and she looked up to him
His heart was beating fast
Scared that she may run away from him
His blue eyes met her brown eyes
She’s seen them so many times but something was different tonight

He slowly leaned in then stopped
“May I kiss you?”, He asked
All she could do was nod

The world melted away as they kissed passionately
It was the sweetest one she ever had

© Maria Michaela

Featured image by Anita Marquez from

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Up On The Mountains (With Nature)

The mountains with its mist hides its ethereal beauty

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city

It offers peace and tranquility

Breathe in the crisp, cool, clean air

With the smell of rain as a lovely pair

At this moment, this is all I care

© Maria Michaela

Went on a quick getaway with my family yesterday to celebrate the birthday of my nephew who turned 8. It’s a triple celebration since we also celebrated my younger brother’s birthday today and my older brother’s birthday this coming 30th. We all had a great time.

Here’s a photo of the view we enjoyed.

Mountains of Cebu
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Coffee is Forever

How many coffee poetries does it take

before my nerves shake?

How many cups will I chug down

before ultimately breaking down?

The answer is, never

because coffee is forever

© Maria Michaela

Yes, I’m a coffee lover. Don’t worry, my nerves don’t shake and I drink a moderate amount of it. Do you like coffee? Maybe you prefer tea? I drink matcha sometimes.

Cheers to the weekend! Let’s drink coffee ☕

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Oh Brandon!

Image credit; Ben White @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a young boy holding an open book/ notebook in his hands and wearing an expression of wonder or awe.

Brandon wondered were babies came from
He wanted to know as he wanted to get some
A baby brother to play with would be good
Maybe a little sister too, to share food

He wanted to know so badly
So he opened a book gladly
He read the stories and was shocked
Went to his parents bedroom and knocked

"Do you know the stork?", he asked
"I need an!"
His parents asked what he meant
He explained like a child spent
"I want a baby brother and sister and this books says that storks deliver babies. Can you please place an order?"
His parents laughed and replied, "the storks can't make the delivery yet as they are busy on an adventure"
"When they come back, then", was Brandon's reply
He was thinking they should be back this July

© Maria Michaela

In response to Sadje’s What Do You See #139

#Whatdoyousee #WDYS

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Hearts and Grocery Carts

I grabbed a grocery cart ready to start shopping
But something happened, one I wasn’t hoping
He grabbed the same cart, so we looked at each other
For some reason we just stood there, we didn’t even bother

And that’s how our story starts
All because of the grocery carts

© Maria Michaela

I wrote this with extra cheesiness (😁) in response to SueW and GC’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Carts

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Busy Baking

Image from Ana Hard

She was home all alone
And had the time for her own
At first, she wasn’t sure what to do
Then she started making fondue
Next thing she knew, she was baking
Which was long time in the making
She baked loads of desserts, even baked a cake
She was full of energy, she didn’t take a break
She had the time for her own
She enjoyed being home alone

© Maria Michaela

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My Time

Death came one night but it said it wasn’t my time yet

It took someone else, some one I cared a lot

And that was my first experience of Death

Many years passed and I heard news

That a classmate before got sick

I got to visit him with some friends

Years later, he died……he was only about 26 or 27 years old

That was my second experience of death

And then the earth moved

It moved so strongly it shook two huge islands

I thought that the building I was working at would break in half

I remember I prayed that if the building would turn to ruble, may my body be found to be properly buried

But death didn’t come for us that day as it was miles away

That was my closest brush with death

And so I lived on, thinking this as my second life

Not fearing Death that much

But always preparing for its coming

It never tells anyone when it would take them

So always live to the fullest

From LDS Living