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The Tale Of Betsy Mae

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There was once a story told
Of a maiden who never grew old
Her name was Betsy Mae
And her hair never turned grey

She’d be up all night, asleep by dawn
Has playful eyes the color of fawn
Her smile was genuine and true
But Betsy Mae wasn’t like any girl you knew

The story goes that she was twenty-two
When supposedly from this world she bid adieu
But instead of sleeping six feet under
She’d be up and about during lightning and thunder

Graveyards as playground for this maiden fair
If you see her at night, you must beware
For though her raven hair glistens under moonlight
She’d take a bite at you with pure delight

Be you young or old or thin or stout
Lock your doors and windows when she comes about
Under the covers you hide and a prayer you say
That you may not fall prey to pretty Betsy Mae

Thirsty for blood, always was she
Most townsfolks to far away lands they flee
Still, many fell victim to this young maid
And she lived on for hundreds of decade

So do be careful when you go out at night
For you might get one heck of a fright
She’s just about-face, never too faraway
The maiden called Betsy Mae

© Maria Michaela

So I guess this one’s too early for Halloween 🎃. But I got inspired to write this after reading a comment in YouTube. Anyway, I may repost this on Halloween. Stay swfe and healthy!

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Clouds Over Yonder

Clouds over yonder
Touching the mountains and I wonder
I wonder if years from now
Will those mountains still be there somehow
Will progress eat it up and destroy it?
Chipping away bit by bit

My mind wondered to what the view would be
What I’d be looking at when I’m sixty
I wondered whether I’d be looking at machinery
Instead of seeing some of this greenery
But then I remember to take in the moment
Just take my time, take in my amazement

© Maria Michaela

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I’m no cat lover
But Quincy was a cat like no other
A stray was his mother
Adopted by my grandfather

I named him Quincy, just because.
He had yellow eyes, black fur, and sharp claws
His brothers and sisters didn’t like people much
But Quincy for some reason, liked my touch

He liked to be petted, he’d meow and purr
He often asked for scraps, shiny was his fur
Quincy would let me rub his belly
Oh he liked it! That cat was just so silly!

He chased and killed mice but never ate them
He’d chase them all around, oh what mayhem!

When my grandfather would leave for work, years before
Quincy would often be outside the house, guarding the door

My grandpa was coming home from work one day
He saw two men put something in the sack before they went away

He didn’t quite see as he wasn’t near the house yet
But recalling now, they must’ve taken my pet

Grandpa got home, no guard cat waited outside
He looked for Quincy and then he sighed
He looked inside and outside but Quincy wasn’t around
My beautiful cat was nowhere to be found

I am no cat lover
But Quincy was a cat like no other

© Maria Michaela

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See You In September…

…..when the weather is cooler and Christmas carols start to play

…..when the cold is welcomed and not shunned, the air lighter

……when the days are shorter and nights longer

…..when people start to smile a little more each day

…..when we breathe a little easier and take a little bit more time

©Maria Michaela

It’s the end of August and I hope you all are doing well. Here in the Philippines, Christmas officially starts tomorrow. Yes, we’re not at all excited 😁. I’ll definitely be playing Christmas songs tomorrow.

We’re also looking forward to even cooler weather. It has been very humid these past few days.

I do hope you still get excited with the simplest of things. Don’t be too hard on yourselves. Take care always and stay safe!

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A Myth of Love and Lie

Photo was taken at Vayang Rolling Hills, Batanes, Philippines

There is a myth of love and lie
There is a myth about you and I

The myth was that I loved you so
The lie was that your love didn’t grow

The stuff of legends be you and I
And not many know in the darkness I cry

Empty walls are a testimony
To what you and I could never be

We were and we were not
Lovers that have been forgot

Lovers that could have been
Lovers no one has seen

And like some myths lost to sea
I had to bid farewell to thee

For the myth of love and lie
Didn’t end up with you and I

©Maria Michaela

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Oh Darn!

Late night ponderings

Early morning wanderings

The bedside lamp is off.

No more thought gatherings

Blocked by botherings

The morning light comes on.

All the coffee squandering

Working on remembering

What the moonlight might have thought.

My mind and hands are always arguing

My ears can’t take the bantering

I should just get to writing.

©Maria Michaela

There are times that I have the need to write but have no idea what to write about so I instead write about trying to write something…..does that make sense?

I’ve been putting this one as a draft and finally came up with the rest just now. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not supposed to because it’s just me trying to gather my thoughts.

How’s your writing been?

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Tuesday Tetracyts

Morning sun, here it comes bright as can be

Wonderful day

Up ahead

Birds sing




The day right

Positive thoughts

Will make a positive day, that’s for sure.

©Maria Michaela

Hey all!

So I thought of giving Tetracyts another try. I’ve done one before which you can check here. I find this quite fun to do and I hope you give it a try.

If you want to know more about tetractys, you can check this website.