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I built my castle on a land not too far away but hidden from the world

I’m no princess or queen, I’m no royalty

Just a bibliophile on an epic journey.

And if you must seek me

The clue is in the library

Between the pages of the books is where I will be

©Maria Michaela

I love reading books. I have a number that I haven’t read yet. I’ve taken the opportunity of this lockdown to start reading some. The goal I set for myself is to read at least one book every week. So far, so good. How about you guys?

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The Quiet One

They know me as the quiet one

And automatically they label me as serious

They don’t even become curious

To try and know me.

They say I’m the quiet one

And automatically they say I’m boring

They don’t care about knowing

What I might have to say.

Quiet ones don’t do much, they say

Quiet ones don’t have fun in any way

But we quite ones know better

©Maria Michaela

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I have this favourite bookmark I’ve had for fifteen years now

Given to me by a really good friend

A plastic cover to try and preserve it somehow

So it won’t be ruined, wouldn’t easily bend

Always found between the pages of the book I’m currently reading

The bookmark is the book’s company

I sip my coffee, from time to time stopping

Knowing I could find my way back without agony

It’s a mark that doesn’t really leave a mark

The simple yet useful, bookmark

©Maria Michaela

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The Darkness Within #haibun

everyone is a moon and has a dark side they never show Pale lunar prescience Eavesdropping upon the night Impartial witness Many tales do not tell They gloss over struggle and embellish triumph, They speak only of that quest Into an ancient castle To find a long lost treasure To rescue a love meant to […]

The Darkness Within #haibun

I really love this post. Please don’t forget to visit the original post. I’m planning to feature this in my other blog which is about scary stories.

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The Witch

She wasn’t meant to fall in love

As she was known to be evil

She was meant to fly the skies above

And be chased with pitchforks, which was so medieval

She wasn’t destined to live happily ever after
She was destined to be defeated
She doesn’t deserve any laughter
And was always thought of as conceited

She wasn’t meant to look pretty
And people feared her
No one ever took pity
She was living in a blur

They all believed what they believed
And thought they were right
Not one thought they’ve been deceived
Because she was the witch, to be slain by a knight

©Maria Michaela

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Fireflies and Dragonflies

Where have they gone?

What have we done?

It’s been years since I’ve seen one

Dragons that roamed so freely before

The meadows and fields they used to explore

They’re now nearly gone, extinct, no more

Fireflies that lit up the night

So many they were, they shined bright

Nowadays, not one is insight

Fireflies and dragonflies seem like myths now

But I do hope they re-emerge, somehow

To see again the dragon’s wings and the fireflies’ light

That would be such a delight

©Maria Michaela