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New Blog Name


Is anyone listening? Er, in this case, reading?

Obviously, this isn’t a poetry post. I’m pretty sure the title says it all. Anyway, I’ve been planning on starting a new blog for some time now. I thought of it but then changed my mind. The plan was to start a new blog after I’ve reached a thousand followers. Yes, I was supposed to stop posting new things here when I reached a thousand. Why? Because that was the goal and I reached it.

See, I started this blog about six years ago to keep my brain partially sane as I felt my job then was making me stagnate and my brain not functioning as it should. I didn’t expect I’d get this far, honestly. I figured I’d just go for it and try.

But, here I am……six years later and still at it. I still want to write poems, however, trying to come up with one on a daily basis can be a task. It is a task that I love doing nonetheless but I want to deliver great poetry. One that would touch people and inspire them.

That is the reason why I wanted to start a new blog. My younger brother, advised me to keep this one instead since my followers have grown. That is why I’ll soon change the name of this blog as I won’t be posting poetry on a daily basis. I will work on sharing better poems in the future and I hope you guys will continue to support me on this.


PS. I’m still thinking of a better blog name….this may take a while 🙂



There are days that I feel I can do it all

That nothing can stop me.

However, these days are minimal.

Oh how I wish they came more than usual.

The Fall

In so many ways

At such little time,

You made me fall for you

Beating For You

Do you hear that?

That’s my heart beating for you

It Must Be

It must be exhausting being you

Always on the spotlight

Never able to hide from the world.


It must be awful being you

Not able to decide for yourself, not really

Always being told what to do

Because that is the price you pay in exchange for the fame they give you.


It must be cruel in the world you’re living

Because no smile or kindness shows on you

It must be hard to pretend it’s all perfect

When deep down you’re struggling to breathe and break free.

We Are Stars

We are stars in the galaxy

Each one truly far way from the other

Yet we let our light shine bright enough

So those we love dear can still see us

Bulges and Bumps

I do not have a sexy body

I have bulges here

Curves everywhere

Bumps in different places

You may hate it

Or you may accept it

But this is me

I am real

I am the unperfect girl

Bulges, bumps, curves and all

Let Me Be

Let me kiss you the way you’d want to

Let me hold you close

Let me not promise the world but to be there when the world ends

Let me be with you til the dawn breaks

Til the sun sets on us

Til we grow old and until our life is spent

Let me be…


If to love you is madness,

Then let me be filled with it.

If without you means sadness,

I don’t want any of it.

If losing my sanity is what it takes,

Then I’ll gladly lose it

For the sake of loving you.

Filled, Full, Overflow

This head is filled with dreams

Overflowing of ideas.

This heart is full of love

Overflowing of emotions.

Sometimes it’s a good thing

Though often, it gets her in trouble.


I am here

You are there

Worlds apart are we

Is there still hope for us?

A Real Surrealist

Feel My Words

The Midnight Ember

An Ember for Thought

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