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These are my hands,
They will grow old,
They won’t forever look grand,
But they will never cease to fold… prayer

These are my knees,
They will buckle someday,
Yet they will not cease,
To kneel before you everyday

These are my feet,
They won’t always be strong,
But it will perform a feat,
Walking away from all that’s wrong

This is me,
A sinner
As sinners can be
But I will glorify Your name, always
As You are the reason why I am a winner

My Bliss

I wait, no,
I wait for no one.

They seem to think I’m crazy.
And maybe, I am.

It’s a preference
That not many understand.
And how could they?
When they’re so caught up in being a “couples” world.

I prefer being alone.
This is my bliss!

Round and round it is
I bite, I tear
I munch
I savor it

Coffee, milk, tea or juice
It goes well with almost anything.
It is a joy in every bite.
And once I’m done,
I only beg for more

Of things that inspire me.
I used to look for a subject that makes sense
But now I’ve lost it.
I’ve lost all sense
Of magic in writing

The Sky Wept

I woke up to a cold, gloomy day
I looked outside, the sun was away
Drops of water fell, it’s raining
Looks like the sun has been crying.

Ikaw lang ang akong gusto
Wala nay lain, ikaw ra mismo.
Dili mangita ug lain
Ikaw ra, hangtod sa hangtod.

You’re the only one I want
No one else, just you.
Will not look for anyone else
Only you, until the end of time.

Just A Little Smile

Isn’t it beautiful to see someone smile?
Isn’t it grand when you do too?
So, just for a while
Why don’t we…smile :-)

You’re just a dot
You’re a grain
Not worth the second look
No, not at all

You are not that special
And yet, why do I care so much?

Am I Too Ugly…

To be loved?
To be wanted?

Am I too ugly….
To be taken seriously?
To be longed?
To be sought?

Am I too ugly….
To be noticed?

Am I?

Thinking Of Mr. Darcy

I can’t stay still
Perhaps it’s my mind or lack of will
A man such as himself
How can I ever deny?

He is an enigma
Or at least he tries to be.
In the end,
He gives way to love
As I give way to him


Dear Reader, I am here to give you a little taste of poetry with some water on the side. When you come on my blog that's all that you will taste is Poetry. Not the type of poetry where it doesn't have a meaning. The type of poetry where you will be inspired, uplifted and you will have a different mindset once you leave this site. You might even come to get a taste of this poetry again. Don't be afraid to let your kids read this blog. My poetry is for and to help the youth. Bring them along with you. You both are scrolling down your phone or on the computer anyway. Let's have fun and get a taste of some poetry. I promise this type of poetry tastes delicious. Grab a plate and a fork and I'll feed you. ENJOY!!!!


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