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Already Gone

Where did the time go?
It slipped away so easily
Too long and then too soon
Here now and then never again
Goodbye has always been bitter-sweet
But now, I’m already gone

Go Ahead And…

Dare to dream and dream to dare
All is fair and well
Never be afraid to fail
For in failure we learn to win
Love for the sake of loving
And never regret you loved

Far, Far

My hands are numb from the cold
No heat can ever warm it again
I am slipping to no return
Hoping to find peace that’s everlasting

I can’t feel my hands anymore
I’m going, somewhere
Far, far

Coffee, Monday, Rain

Coffee warms body, mind and soul
To greet the Monday blues away
A cup, a mug on a rainy day
What a way to complete the day

Move Along

I glance back at all that has happened
I am a little sadenned
Though my leaving has long been planned
It still didn’t prepare me for this
But as I move on, I carry the lessons
And in the darkness, I smile
Knowing that the memories I left were good ones

Live Today

When you feel like giving up
Like the world is falling apart
Like the rain will drown you
And you’re afraid to go back to the start
Lift your head and see the sun
Behind the clouds, behind the rain
Each day is new and another day to start fresh
You’ve got a lot to lose but more to gain
Live each day and live in the present
The past us done and the tomorrow is yet to come
You can do it, I know you can
Do not be afraid and live…just live

Beautiful Rain

It drips, it drops, it pierces my heart
How could such beauty be so sad at the same time?
Some love it, others hate it
Many pray for it when its presence is gone

Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s not
Its fury scares me
Its delicateness warms me

Still I wonder
How could such beauty be so sad at the same time?

Drew A Blank

I look out the window, looking for inspiration

I drew a blank, I am close to desperation

I went out and danced in the rain

But still nothing and now it hurts my brain

I took out photographs and suddenly flooded with memories

Smiling, remembering the sad and fun stories

Despite all that I still have nothing to write about, no topic at all

So I write about nothing, nothing at all

Storing Stories

There is a cloud within my mind
I cannot paint a sound
I cannot see the air around
The writings on the wall are blank

How do you write a story that has ended?

Maria Michaela

Missing Me?

Are you missing me now that I am over you?
Now that I no longer crave for your attention?

Are you missing me now that I no longer miss you?
Now that I am free from the thought of you?
Now that I see the foolishness of me that once was?

It’s just a thought that makes me wonder
If you ever think of missing me at all

Maria Michaela


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