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I looked up and pleaded the stars
They didn’t respond
I’m sure they were thinking
As was I

Tell me
Am I pretty?
Do I have to be sexy?
What do you see?
Do you see differently?
Do you see beyond flesh and at what’s worthy?
Or are you like them, the rest of society?
What does it take to be called a beauty?
I wonder, can you tell me?

It calls to me
The mighty,
The majestic sea

I long for its sweet embrace
Sun kiss upon my face
And the sea dancing with grace

When will I marvel once more?
Just like I did before
Sleeping on the shore

Soon I will visit the sea
Be in awe with its majesty
Once again….the sea and me


I met his gaze but half way through
I could not hold it
So strong, so powerful

It was warm
It made me feel better
It had been a while

So I let him gaze at me
That wonderful Mr. Sun

I, Woman

I am woman

Capable of extraordinary things
Smile and hope, I can bring

Joy and true love I give fully
Just to see you happy

I ask for nothing
And I give everything

Hugs I give for free
Kisses come naturally

I do not ask for much, only
That you give love truly
For I am woman
Who loves you deeply

These Questions

What of poets and dreamers and musicians?
What of star-gazers and dancers and painters?
What of words I cannot speak of?
What of beauty beyond comparison?

I am lost
Lost for words

Me Again

Give me time
Time to be alone
To be silent
To be myself
To be who or whatever I want to be

Give me space
To grow
To breathe
To think
To do what I want

I need to be….
….me again

Took A Fancy

I took a fancy
With his eyes
His smile
His way with words

I took a fancy
Of him
And then….

Then I woke
And I fancy him no more

Misfits Are We

I, you, him, her, we
We are misfits, the abnormality
One that does not belong to society
One not missed, would rather be rid of
One they shun, they do not give love
We are the ones who think outside the box
Because we think differently and this art that we are, rocks!

We are the misunderstood
They never would
They never could
We are few but many
We are the misfits of society

The Long Way Back

I took the long way back
Just because
The long way had a wonderful view
A sight to die for
I can’t express the beauty that I saw
Nor will I ever be able to describe it
All I know is that I enjoyed the journey
Even with some pitfalls

The road was not easy
It was next to impossible for some
Still I knew it was worth it
So I pushed on

I scraped a knee
I lost my footing
But onwards I went
The path was difficult
But it was all worth it
To see the beauty that was beyond compare
Taking the long way back was a good decision


Hello my beautiful people. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day just like myself. I just wanted to let you know that I want to be a Motivational Speaker. I want to be known for always following my dreams. That's what I want my future kids and husband to remember me by. My poetry is always to help encourage and inspire other individuals like your self. Yes, my name is God's Poetic Child. Sometimes we as God's people go through things. We are all human beings. So, if you see some poems that will shock you. Just know that my mind is a little off at the moment. Be Blessed and Safe everyone. :)


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