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There was a reason she was so romantic about the moon.
It never asked her questions or begged for the answers, nor did she ever have to prove herself to it.
It was always just there – breathing, shining, and in ways most humans can’t understand,listening.

– Christopher Poindexter –

I Left (One Fine Day)

I took off my shoes
And caught the train
To forget the woes
And to feel the rain

I wiggled my toes
They danced not in vain
For happiness crept my nose
And it too took part of the gain

I threw off my worries
While skipping and gliding along
I was starting to write my own stories
So to fear I said, “so long”

I was free as the air, as the clouds and the sky
To sadness I said goodbye
I was off to nowhere
And I’m glad that, that has gotten me somewhere

Wanderlust Wandering

I followed my feet and let it take me wherever
I went to a place where no one knew
And I looked back only to see the sunrise

I had no idea where I was heading
Only that this is a new beginning
An ending to what once was


I breathed the air
It was unfamiliar
The wind was foreign to me

The place was well known
Yet unknown as well
To me it was a mystery

My feet took me to a place far
But I did not want to return
I wanted to stay lost and never be found
This place I can all my own

Where Is He?

He must have died long ago, I bet
That’s why he and I until now have not met
The poor soul must have died too soon
He didn’t get to make me swoon
But I know there is a reason for things
Even if at I don’t know yet the lesson they bring
He is somewhere and I am here
Surely there’s a reason why he and I are not near

What Happened One Night

I stared at the moon for too long that I fell in love with it
I love all its forms and shapes and moods
I love its colors and how I long for it when it hides away

I look at the stars and I see how sad they are when it’s not around

Oh! How I love to bask under its light
Telling me I’ll be alright

I stared at the moon for too long and I felt peaceful inside


I climbed, I crawled, I slipt
I fell

I got up and did it all again

Wiggling Heart

I blushed
And giggled
That should not have been the case
But my heart could not help and wiggle
When I saw his pretty face

Nighty Night

May the night embrace you with sweet dreams
As sweet as chocolates or cookies and creams

Used To

I used to cry for you
Out of nowhere
Out of the blue

You were my sweet embrace
That caused me bitterness
And now no more.
I have been replaced
I have been erased

I used to long for you
Turned gray clouds blue
Or so I thought

You were the nightmare masked as a dream come true
But I have learned and realized
My happiness doesn’t depend on you

I used to dream of you and I
I used to cry
Thought I would die

I used to think I needed you
But that’s just it
It is all just, “I used to”


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