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Greet The Sun

She kept mum and said not a word
For the sunrise said it all

Maria Michaela

He was all she wanted
But she wanted more
She could not see what was in front of her
As blind as a bat she was
And when he left
She realized she has an empty pocket
But it was too late

Maria Michaela

Can I Be

How can I be
A little more of me?
A little bolder?
A little stronger?
A little wiser?
Perhaps a little nicer as well?

Will I ever be
The change that I want to see?
The hope that shines brightly?

I wonder if I can ever be
So much more than what others truly see

Maria Michaela

Heart On A String

I used to write poetries about him
Secretly he made my heart smile
It was what made my day
It was like that for a little while

But seasom change and time flies
Things are never going to be the same
I’ve learned, let go, and moved on
Neither of us were to blame

And from that moment I have learned
Never to put my heart out like that again
Because it can easily be lost
And it’s a bit hard to start over and begin

Maria Michaela

Cheer Up

I know you’re down
I know you’re sad
I may not know how to make you feel better
But I hope you see the moon smile
You hear the rain sing with your loneliness
You realize the sun rises for you
It will be fine
One day, you’ll see

Maria Michaela

A Wish To wish

I wish I were slimmer
I wish my hair looked better
I wish my smile was prettier
I wish my teeth were perfect
I wish…
I’d stop wishing to be something and someone else but me

Maria Michaela


Haze in my eyes and I can hardly see
Air is tight and no proper air around me
Foggy skies block the warm sun
My happiness slowly seizing
It might soon be gone

Haze in my eyes
The beauty of the city is hidden
Air I breathe….

Maria Michaela

Gone Wind

Where is the wind?
Everything is still
The wind ceased its dancing
No wind to caress my hair
The clouds, unmoving
Unable to travel far
The air is hot, suffocating me
I wait for a sign, a movement
But there is none

Maria Michaela

She chose it
Not denying it
They don’t understand
She’s better off this way
She has learned
And peace for herself she has earned

Maria Michaela

Singularity gives clarity
Embrace it willingly
Conformity is past
Let go and move on fast
She is alone
But never, never lonely

Maria Michaela


Dear Reader, I am here to give you a little taste of poetry with some water on the side. When you come on my blog that's all that you will taste is Poetry. Not the type of poetry where it doesn't have a meaning. The type of poetry where you will be inspired, uplifted and you will have a different mindset once you leave this site. You might even come to get a taste of this poetry again. Don't be afraid to let your kids read this blog. My poetry is for and to help the youth. Bring them along with you. You both are scrolling down your phone or on the computer anyway. Let's have fun and get a taste of some poetry. I promise this type of poetry tastes delicious. Grab a plate and a fork and I'll feed you. ENJOY!!!!


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