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My Brother and the Perfume Bottle

He sprayed the perfume bottle as if he was showering
Mom called out, “that’s enough!”
And so he stopped

I swear my brother’s date would’ve been able to smell him even if she was in another country

© Maria Michaela

FOWC with Fandango – Perfume #FOWC

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on Susan and GC’s site is the word ENOUGH

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Black Hearts

Red or blue
And white ones too
It doesn’t matter

Yellow and green
Purples that are rarely seen
Hearts of different colours come as one

At the end of the day
We’re all the same anyway
Cause even black hearts bleed red

© Maria Michaela

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It’s All Cliché

She preferred white wine over red
Never liked red lipstick
No pretty flowers on her head
Not even for aesthetic

She's not much into Valentines
Always thought it was cliché
But there was an offer she couldn't decline
And she received a lovely bouquet

So, she wore the Valentine red dress just for tonight
If she was true to herself, she's actually filled with delight

© Maria Michaela

February is the month of romantic hopes and teenage dreams – and it’s time for the monthly colour challenge. Today, GC and SueW offer you the colour Valentine Red.

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge, Valentine Red

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I Couldn’t Write A Song

I couldn’t write

A song that was just right

And so instead

I write the poem in my head

The words just came naturally

I never thought to publish it here, actually

Though some poems come out corny

I began my journey

Honing my poetry

And I’m happy as can be

© Maria Michaela

I experienced a massive headache earlier while at work. The advil helped and this rhyme just came to me after I finished working. Not sure if it’s the advil kicking in. Apologies I won’t be reading posts just yet but perhaps later this evening I might be able to.

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Crying Mother

You don’t know how much you’ve hurt her

Your words cut deep

She cries and tells me what you’ve done

But it’s hard to console her

She is after all, our mother

© Maria Michaela

Having two older brothers, I’ve seen how my mom struggled to discipline them in their teens and even through their early 20s. My dad, being in the Navy, was often away. Our eldest had his rebellious stage and when he got out of that, the second eldest had his.

I’ve shared before that I was a spoiled brat when I was younger. My mom disciplined me well and by the time I hit my teenage years, I was the child who didn’t give her a headache. It was hard seeing mom go through what she did to make sure her children become good people. I tried to comfort her in ways I could.

It wasn’t until I was in my late 20s when she told me she’d cry often when we slept. She’d call my dad whenever possible and tell him about the problems at home. She’s such a strong woman. I pray I can be as strong as she is.

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Missing Parts

An image of; Not All There – The Enigmatic
Sculptures of Bruno Catalano

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a sculpture of a man holding a bag. The statue is on waterside, and part of the statue is intentionally missing.

Through this journey that we call life
I've seen many things and been through many highs and lows
Over time, I've given pieces of me freely
But some take more, jealously
There have been those who give more than what is asked of them
They are a rare breed, unfortunately

And as I continue to go through life,
I will meet many more
Although I wish, there will be more who give than take

© Maria Michaela

For Sadje’s What Do You See #171