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Color Me Blue

‘Twas a blue moon over the horizon and I was alone
Poems are what the moon is made of as I fell in love with it over again
It was out there while I stood here
Our love story is a little bit of a tragic one
Still, my heart leaps with joy each time I gaze upon it

Maria Michaela

Today was…

All was well, all was fine
Rain fell a little and the sun did shine
People rushed while others took a slower pace
Today was…

Maria Michaela

That Smile

A ray of light in a stormy day
Suddenly the birds sing happily
Rainbows all over
I am washed by warmth
There is always something special with that smile

Maria Michaela

Umbrellas Off

A gust of wind blew strong and hard rattling the roofs
The rain, piercing like pins against the skin
Stronger both rain and wind grew
Roaring through the thin silence
No thunder or lightning present
Yet we all fear the beast
Better not let it catch you
Take cover, take shelter

Maria Michaela

Leaving Where?

I want to go somewhere
I don’t know where
I want to leave
But off to where?
Where do I go after here

Maria Michaela

Waiting For Forever

You said forever, so I wait
I am waiting and waiting still
While forever may not be real
I know for sure eternity is
I will wait for your forever even if it may not come
Because I still have my eternity and maybe then you’ll come back

Maria Michaela

Look Up

Look up, look up
And see the beauty
Life throws a lot of curve balls
But remember,
You have been given more or even better than what you’ve ever asked and hoped for

Maria Michaela

Twenty Seventh

Getting older day by day
Hoping to get wiser too
Feeling trapped on childhood dreams
Trying to work on the plans and schemes

Time flies fast
Sometimes you’d like to slow it down
But I am grateful for the years given
Glad I got to be twenty seven

Onwards I go with the life I was blessed
To be happy, to be contented
This I confess is what I pray

Cheers to the years and more to come
I thank the heavens
As I toast to being twenty-seven


Partly sunny, partly cloudy
Partly sad and partly happy
Part of me taken by you
Partly why the weather is blue
Part of me loved you
Part of me didn’t want to let go

Partly cheery, partly gray
Part of you never wanted to stay
Partly awful, partly beautiful
The part of me that wanted to be cheerful
Part of it was dead and gone
So I let go
And now the whole of me happily walks under the sun


The echoes echoing the hallways
No soul in sight
The moon shines bright
The stars sing their lullaby
As the middle of the night arrives silently


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