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Death of me, birth of you
This, our cycle
Where do we go?

Bright lights creep like a spider’s leg
I shudder
You keep mum

The sun is blinding me
As we slowly drift away from each other

A mountain I climb to find myself once more
And so it becomes
The death of you, brings life to me

Once Again, Change

Oh bitter-sweet change
You come once more
It is never easy
My heart will ache like before

I’d like to keep what is here now
But I know you would not allow
For you only know to keep none
And before I know it, what is here now will be gone

As you travel and leave me aching
May you bring peace and comfort someday
Because I can feel the breaking
Knowing this will be gone one day

Do not stay too long
For it is hard to bear
Specially when I know what you’re doing isn’t wrong
Still I find it unfair

Oh change! you have come once again
I don’t know now if I should end or if I should begin

A Pen’s Tale

A pen, a pen!
I am just a pen.
Blame me not for what has been written
For I follow only the writer.

Her thoughts
His thoughts
I only put to writing
They never are my own.

They may put a smile,
They may break hearts.

But if I were to choose what’s to be written.
I would write of songs of joy
Never of sorrow or hurt.
I would write of comfort
Of the beauty of the world!
I would share wisdom
And words to encourage
I would……

Travel To The Moon

I went to the moon and didn’t come back
Because Earth to me was all blue and black
I held my breath, only at first
Then I let go and felt a great burst!
Free was I of whatever it was that made me captive
Here, alone, I feel more active
Lonely was I with people around
Now, here in this space, freedim surrounds

To Earth I will return someday,
For now I’ll stay here and have a great day.

They See Me Not

I’m cold and alone
Dark and everything is gone
People all around
They see me not

I am cold and alone
They see me not

Strange As Strange

This is wrong and should not be
I should not be taking this seriously
I should just take things easily
Yet my heart is getting the best of me
How could I have gotten over my head?
I might as well get struck by lightning, dead
This is strange as strange as it is
For me to fall for a guy who also likes a guy, that is

Help! Help!
She cried for help
But no one answered
No one came
No one dared to rescue her

To wait for rescue
Or to rescue herself?
She got up and did it
She saved herself

No Say

So much more was said
When you did not say anything

Tropical Summer

The clouds gave the spotlight to the sun and sky
They were on the sidelines cheering

The sun was bragging his might
He was shining bright
That the ground became dry and hot

The sky with its simplicity just sparkled like emerald blue
It spread out like it was never-ending

Such a perfect scene would have been complete
If I was down at the beach relaxing

Solid Ground

What if I fell in love again?
What if chance would come by once again?
I fell hard
I got broken
But I know for certain
I will love once more

But what if tomorrow
I find someone?
What if he could be the one?
What if I fell in love again?
I guess I better be ready to break my fall

If love comes by, I would not close my doors
I’d even have the windows open just to be sure
I will sing of lullabies once more
I just have to remember to keep my feet on solid ground
To keep them broken ones a few


Hello my beautiful people. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day just like myself. I just wanted to let you know that I want to be a Motivational Speaker. I want to be known for always following my dreams. That's what I want my future kids and husband to remember me by. My poetry is always to help encourage and inspire other individuals like your self. Yes, my name is God's Poetic Child. Sometimes we as God's people go through things. We are all human beings. So, if you see some poems that will shock you. Just know that my mind is a little off at the moment. Be Blessed and Safe everyone. :)


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