Busiest Day (12-12-12)

Today is Dec 12, 2012 or 12-12-12.

For some reason, people go crazy with dates that tend to have the repeated numbers. For example, 08-08-08, (Aug 8, 2008). Most people were saying that this was the luckiest day. Tell that to people who experienced accidents on this day. Sorry, got side-tracked there. As I was saying, people tend to go crazy if dates fall to this series. I find it fun, like when people say, “Oh yeah! Today is 05-05-05! Man!” They start to become in awe. To the extent, that they would search the web for things that has something to do with said date; searching for poems for example.

Before, my busiest day was on April 29, 2012. I had 21 views that day (what? that little views and it’s your busiest day? hehe, I know right?). It was my parents 29th wedding anniversary (you might want to check the archives and checkout the poem), so I was happy I got those much views. However, I realized shortly after, it happened to be Prince William and Kate Middleton’s  first anniversary. I guess people took to the net and searched a bunch of stuff then ended up in my blog accidentally.

Looks like the same thing has happened today. People have been searching for poems in relation to 12-12-12 or at least some are looking for poems published today. Not that I’m complaining. I welcome the traffic with open arms. I have 29 views so far (hoping to get more 😉 Wohoo!) as I am writing this page.

So, I don’t think people going crazy for repeated numbers on dates as trivial, I think they’re awesome! In fact, they rock! But do I think there is some luck to this date? The answer is a big NO but still, I’m thankful for the views. Thank you, thank you for December 12, 2012! May there be more dates like this ^_^.

What did you post in your blog on this date?



Just a quick update on my busiest day, I got a total of 77 views on Dec 12, 2012. Now, if only most days are like this one. Looking forward to days as great as this.

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