Rudyard Kipling

For the month of October, I have found a very wonderful poet from before the time I was born, or perhaps any of us were born. September was fun with children’s poems by Kenn Nesbitt. For October, it will be poems by Rudyard Kipling. My favorite poem from Ruyard Kipling if “If”. I will be posting this poem at the end of the month, save the best for last. T know a little bit about Mr. Kipling, below is his short bio.


Kipling gained renown throughout the world as a poet and storyteller. He was also known as a leading supporter of the British Empire. As apparent from his stories and poems, Kipling interested himself in the romance and adventure which he found in Great Britain’s colonial expansion.

Kipling was born on Dec.30, 1865, in Bombay, where his father directed an art school. He learned Hindi from his nurse, and he also learned stories of jungle animals. At six, he was sent to school in England, but until he was 12, poor health kept him from attending. At 17, Kipling returned to India and soon became a journalist. He wrote sketches and verses which at first were used as fillers for unused editorial space. Many were later published in Departmental Ditties (1886). At this time, he also created his soldiers three, and Irishman, a Cockney, and a Yorkshireman, the bases for his 1888 humorous tale Soldiers Three.

Before World War I, Kipling became active in politics. he widely lectured and wrote for the British cause both before and during the war. His only son was killed in World War I. After the war, Kipling wrote Songs for Youth (1925), another of his highly popular works.

Rudyard Kipling’s bio and poems have been taken from:

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