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I ate the chocolate fudge

And I did not even budge

Not even once


I drank the tea

And what do I see

Healthier, fitter, better me


They said I couldn’t

I said I can

They told me I shouldn’t

I told them I am


To meet the goal at hand

I didn’t just sit and stand

I took action and took time

Losing weight, is never a crime

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Never Back Down

Shout to the world and let it be known

Show them what you got, what you own

Don’t hesitate, never back down

You’ll be the winner and wear the crown


Everyday is a challenge

If you get bruised then put a bandage

Don’t ever let people tell you, you can’t

Go for the gold to achieve what you want


Everyday is an opportunity

And there will be scrutiny

But keep in mind you’ve got what it takes

Show them what it means to be true

and knock off those fakes


So what are you waiting for? Get up your feet!

It will be worth it, victory will be sweet

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Darkness Is My Friend

in the darkness I contemplated, found solitude, found peace

where all others got lost, what most fear, is where why I found comfort

the absence of light does not equate evil

it’s just a place where you can be, anyone or anything you want to be

where the world has no edge,

where forever is existent,

a place no one can ever bother you

where I can think and just be myself

in the darkness I stayed, for a second, for a moment

until I lost track of time

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Why it’s called Crush

Sorry it took me a while to let you know

I wish I had the strength to let my feelings show

It hurts to loose someone you never had

Have you ever experienced that?

If she’s your girl and you’re her boy

Then I wish you happiness

I just want you to know

I’m praying for a miracle

I’m still hoping that it’ll be you and me

Walking in the sunset happily

But as I snap back to reality,

I see, that you and me could never be

– Maria Michaela