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Hold Your Tongue

The dragon breathes fire

Hard on your heels

It puffs out smoke of pure poison

Ready to strike and kill


Your anger can get the best of you

Be careful what you say

For it is hard to take it all away

Breath in and clear your mind

Hold your tongue and keep silent

Let the dragon ease down and be calm

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This Is Your Day

choose a day to rest

and let your worries fall

don’t waste your time and energy

on things and people who let you down


let go of negativity, for today is your day

to shine, to enjoy, to feel beautiful

to relax and to be re-energized

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I’ve Got Your Back

When all of a sudden the world around you crumbles to the ground

Remember that I am here to cover you from the debris

When the storm is too strong, I am here to shelter you

When you are lonely and feeling down, I will comfort you

When you are lost and the dark has consumed you

I will be the light to help you find your way back

When people put you down or push you around

and give you a hard time

I’m here to pull you back up,

You’ve got nothing to worry

for I always have your back