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To Thee

Edgar wrote of Annabel Lee

Who lived in the kingdom by the sea.

I’d also like to write poetry

About my love to thee.

But feelings are hard to put into words.

How can I make it sweet like the chirping of the birds?

What sort of rhyme must I write

To let your emotions ignite?

Still, ideas escape me

Unlike Edgar who wrote about Annabel Lee.

My paper is still empty

And I still contemplate of that poetry

One that I’ll dedicate to thee.

©Maria Michaela

I Wrote About You

I’m off to somewhere and all excited

But somehow my thoughts go back to you.

A stroke of genius

Or maybe not,

Yet I knew I had to put it into words.

So I wrote this just to let you know that I thought of you.

– Maria Michaela


When was the last ti!e you wrote a letter?

To ask anything, like if someone was feeling better.

Can you still recall the last letter you wrote?

I wonder….

The How On Poetry

How do you write poetry when you have no words for it?
It’s like describing the sound of a breeze
Or a color you don’t know

How do you write poetry when there is no such inspiration?
Do you even dare to?

Of things that inspire me.
I used to look for a subject that makes sense
But now I’ve lost it.
I’ve lost all sense
Of magic in writing

A Pen’s Tale

A pen, a pen!
I am just a pen.
Blame me not for what has been written
For I follow only the writer.

Her thoughts
His thoughts
I only put to writing
They never are my own.

They may put a smile,
They may break hearts.

But if I were to choose what’s to be written.
I would write of songs of joy
Never of sorrow or hurt.
I would write of comfort
Of the beauty of the world!
I would share wisdom
And words to encourage
I would……

Writing Rhyme

When I rhyme, I smile

I feel rusty since it’s been a while

The words escape me

Which is not how it used to be

I rack my brain for words to pour

My mind’s a blur, out the window to the sky it soared

Still I try to come up with words that rhyme

Just getting through the day,

Just passing the time

I hold the key

to imagination, a whirl wind of non-existent things

I move from one end of the world

and appear at the other side


I hold the key

pen and paper on hand

I open the doorway

make way for imagination!

Untold Until

Stories untold until written down

Untold until shared

Unknown until given a name

Until pen and paper meet

Until the world is introduced to it


Enter Title Here

So I write and I’m almost done

However, one piece is missing

A key ingredient

The title is still blank

Nothing has been written


I scratched my head and thought things through

But nothing would ever do

So I left it blank, for people to ponder

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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