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Am I unworthy to be something more?
I feel rejected,
Not good enough,

Some say I’m much of a goody two shoes
Too good to be true
Funny and one of the guys
It’s a compliment, I know
But that’s all I’ll ever be
Maybe that’s all I am

Bow down to my unworthiness!

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Mere Speck

The night sky is my friend

The moon is my lamp

I bask under the darkness to see clearly

The treasured jewel called stars

But I also wait for the morning to come

The sun shine, so grand

I am there, a mere speck in the world

Yet they are still willing to put on a show for me

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Save You

Unsure, my prince is unsure

He cannot decide

One foot wants to cross

The other however,

Left stuck on the ground


He wants to save me

Yet he’s the one that needs saving

He’s not sure if he’s ready

But he does not want to let go

He feels he’s unworthy

Ah! But that alone makes him the most worthy


My prince has been wounded

Broken it seems he is

He wants to be whole

The kind of man that he says I should be with


This boy, oh this boy!

Does not understand at all

His act of saving me

Is a cry for help

You see, I am not the one that needs saving

I am here to stay

To fight for another day

I continue to try and save

This prince

The one worth saving

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To live one day and grow to be….

To become someone and make things worthwhile….

To be part of a change for the better…

To be an inspiration….

A hero to someone….

To make someone out of yourself….

To make a difference in life…..