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Lost Touch

I lost my touch, haven’t I?

Words on a high

They all seem to fly

Away from me

Away from me

I’m drowning slowly, this I know

I’m not sure how far I can go

I’m not sure if words can still take me there, so

This could or might or should be the last


All The Words

With just one word

Silence or inspiration comes

Own Lies

Your words are empty

I feel nothing

Your lies are showing

Now, no one, not even yourself, believes in you

A Title Is Needed

I am no poet and this is no poetry 

I write no songs, I share no story

I am mortal and yes I worry

About life, about love

About the moon and stars above
But I am no poet as you can see

I just write whatever comes to me

We Write

When we’re in love, we write
When we hurt, we write
When we move on, we write

When we struggle, we write
When we achieve something, we write
When we win, we write,
When we lose, we get back on our feet
and we write

We write on our pages of life
Until we cease to be writers of it

Words Are Not

How can I write a poetry of love and life
When I can’t even….
No I can’t even express it right?

How can I describe these burning emotions,
When words are not enough?
I stutter and I slur
Not knowing what to do

Just Stuck

All out of ideas
All out of fun
Chugging down rootbeers and munching on tortillas
I’ve had it! I’m done!

I wanted to be artistic
I wanted to be dramatic
A little sarcastic
But definitely poetic

However, all the rhyming as spent me
I think I’ve had enough
This feels like a chore now, I’ll admit guiltily
It’s been kind of rough

I can’t even write a single line
I feel stuck in the mud
I don’t know if I’ll ever feel fine
Because as of the moment, my head seems to be full of crud

Maria Michaela

Put You To Words

I drew a sketch with you in mind
But somehow the pen is unkind
It does no justice to capture your beauty
And so I ended up writing this to you, simply

But no words can describe you
The paper is ashamed, it turns blue
For it cannot hold such uniqueness
It settles in its emptiness
Than to try and put you to words

Maria Michaela

Writing Poetry

What good is a pen without a paper?
Much like a lover and a hater
They both need each other
And in some ways must come together

What is a poet without a poem?
No reason to rhyme at all
None at all

Maria Michaela

Words Were Meant

Words were meant to tell you how beautiful you are
A person created and loved by God
Words were not meant to hurt you
And cover you with lies
They were meant to sore you higher towards the skies.

Words were meant to share wisdom and friendship and hope
It was never meant for hurting you with harsh words you can’t cope
Words were meant to be music to bring alive the soul
It wasn’t meant to pull you down and prevent you from reaching your goal

Words were meant to be kept like promises made
It wasn’t made to be broken or put aside to fade
Words were meant to tell you how beautiful you are
As beautiful as the rainbow, a flower and a star

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul


The single speaks her mind


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