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You see me flawless, not a scratch

Not a mark

But deep inside is no match

As the color can sometimes be too dark

Kept within, no one will see

Screaming in silence

No one knows but me

Living day by day with resilience 
You see me go on, live on

As if nothing and no sadness can touch me

But like you I have my battles

And these scars are proof you too can make it

Haunt Me Still

Did I write a poem for you?

Does that mean that I miss you?

I don’t know how I’ll feel seeing you, if we ever get the chance to

Will I be overwhelmed?

Or will it be just that?

One thing’s for sure

Some thing inside is haunting me still

I Look At Me

From within I seek

The truth about myself

The inner works of my own mind

I try to comprehend

What people see or what I let them see

Is far from the truth

So far that I have lost touch of the real me

So I look within myself

In search for the truth behind the so-called me

From Within

I am alive but dead inside

I sold my soul to someplace else

now I am in between


I cover my eyes for fear of what I might see

and what I have seen

Grounded, stuck to the ground

chained by my fears of insanity


I wreak havoc within me

though I may look at peace from the outside

I hear nothing

only the screams that deafen me


This is what no one sees

my inside mind so chaotic you’d get lost

and pray you’ll go mad


Nothing is what it seems

when it comes to my mind

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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