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Looking, Searching

I hunger for love

I thirst for kindness

I crave for honesty

Lucky Stars

They thank their lucky stars

But I have none of that

I work hard and I pray

I do not wish worries away

I do what I can whenever the challenge comes up

Because no lucky star can ever get me through it, aside from myself

I Wish

I wish it were easy

I wish it doesn’t sound cheesy

But I often wish it were you and I

Too often at times it makes me want to cry

But there is no you and me

Only you and her and well, just myself you see

I wish you were it

Because it seems that we’re a perfect fit

Who knows maybe in the future

You might change your mind and become my suitor

I wish I could just tell you

But it never is easy and that is true

I wish someday this won’t be just a wish

If Santa Were Real…

…I would ask him to wrap you
Wrap you with these arms of mine
Then I wouldn’t feel so blue.

I’d ask him to give you the presents you asked for
And the one’s that you didn’t, but deserve.
My only wish for him would be,
For me to see you smile and happy.

Oh! If Santa were real, we’d be under the mistletoe right now

I wished for December

To see the snow flakes falling,
To see the lights sparkle like diamonds,
Hear Christmas carols,
Enjoy the season
Where people are nicer,
Kinder and happier.

I wished for December,
I wished for contentment, happiness,and love

A Wish To wish

I wish I were slimmer
I wish my hair looked better
I wish my smile was prettier
I wish my teeth were perfect
I wish…
I’d stop wishing to be something and someone else but me

Maria Michaela


A kiss upon the moonlight
Cherry lips, sweet
Wishing I could hold you tight
And keep you safe while you sleep

Wish I could be

someone else other than me

One who does not cry easily,

one who’s strong, steady and sure most preferably


I wish I was more confident

strong and prominent

I wish I wasn’t such a weakling

inconspicuous like rain slowly trickling


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me

but is there someone else that I could be?

Shooting A Shooting Star

catch a glimpse of a shooting star, and make your little wish

off it goes to the distance, far, too far out of reach

it flickers and leaves a light that glows

where it will fall or if it will fall at all, is anybody’s guess

it travels far and travels fast, ever wondered if it will be missed?

its nomadic life is bitter-sweet, as it has no place to call home

I wonder if it will ever find, a place to call his own


Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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