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Am I Me?

I’ve cut my hair and changed my clothes

But who have I become?

The lady I see, the lady I hoped to be

She isn’t staring back at me

She got lost amidst the chaos of the mind and heart

Lost among the treacherous trap of society

She may be lost forever

Unless I straight it right

Who Will Love Me?

Will there be someone?

Will there be anyone?

Sitting at the park bench

Alone and rain drenched

I am my own

Always on my own

Who Did You Love?

Before it broke who did you give it to?

Who was it that left it black and blue?

Who stole your precious heart,

Only to tear it apart?

Who was this person, whom you thought was the one?

Who was it that suddenly left, suddenly gone?

Who was it that you loved?

The one you gave the stars above?

Who was it that taught you a lesson?

That taught you to love, is all the right reason

Who Loved You?

Do you recall the time you fell?

Fell hard but felt well?

Do you remember the time you felt great,

For being loved so much it covered all the hate?

When was the time, when you never felt blue?

And who, who was it that loved you?

That Girl

I could never be that girl

The one who looks good in a tight dress

The one who is confident and charming

The one who stands out in a crowd.
I’m the one who’s quiet 

The one who’s happy to be on the sidelines

The one who questions her confidence 

The one who prefers to stay hidden 

Looks so pretty but harbors dark things within 

He looks nothing like a prince

But his charms exudes and overflows

Much like his kindness.

She on the other hand, no friends to call her own

So tell me who is who?

Stop Asking Me

Stop asking what kind of guy I like,

Or what makes my heart skip like a lightning strike!

Stop asking about my ideals,

It’s looking a lot like these questions are serials.

Stop asking  me about who or what captures my heart,

Just keep it light as a start.

I’m tired with all the twenty questions,

That’s it for now, I’m through with any suggestions.

Who Shall I Dream of Tonight?

Tonight as I lay my head on my pillow,

I look outside beyond the window

And see the stars as I fall asleep.


Who shall I dream of tonight?

Shall I dream of Johnny Depp whose acting is out of sight?

Or should I dream of Orlando Bloom whose so hot

that I could weep?


I can dream of Adam Levine who I think is cute

Or of Ryan Gosling who I think is a hoot

I can definitely dream deep


I may also dream of Ben Barnes who’s ruggedly handsome

And end it with Joseph Gordon-Levitt who’s gorgeously awesome!

With all these guys I’d be having a hard time

choosing who I’ll dream of tonight

…He Who Is…

He’s the one that makes my day……

                    ……Yet, he’s also the one that ruins it……

He knows when to make me smile……

                    ……And keeps quite when I make a fit……

He used to tease me and make me cry……

                    ……Not a day goes by without it, it’s his routine……

Like clockwork, like sunrise or sunset……

                     ……It completes his day, it would seem……

He taught me how to be strong……

                    ……To not cry or be bullied, to fight back……

To never back down on a fight……

                    ……So long as it’s right, and courage I should not lack……

He influenced me through music……

                    ……To alternatives and classics……

He taught me to play the guitar……

                    ……And fall in love with acoustics……

He’s the shoulder I can lean upon……

                    ……My bridge over troubled water……

He’s the man, second in command……

                    ……To my dad, he’s no other than my brother.

I dedicate this to my two older brothers whose respect I have is great. – MARIA MICHAELA

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