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Where Have You Gone Mister Sun?

Mister Sun
Oh Mister Sun!
Where have you gone this time?

Have you gone hiding
Hiding behind the clouds
Just so you can hear me rhyme?

Dark clouds are darkening the day
It’s not the same
When you’re not here

I stay in bed longer
And keep my pillows close
It’s just not the same when you’re not near

Where are you Mister Sun?
Oh where, oh where
Have you gone?

Maria Michaela

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Where Is He?

He must have died long ago, I bet
That’s why he and I until now have not met
The poor soul must have died too soon
He didn’t get to make me swoon
But I know there is a reason for things
Even if at I don’t know yet the lesson they bring
He is somewhere and I am here
Surely there’s a reason why he and I are not near

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I started walking one day
Not knowing where to go or where to stay
Off I went to a place unfamiliar
Saw faces and things peculiar

I kept walking until night fall
Passed by a great hall
Strangers looked on
But before they could ask, I had gone

Am I lost without me knowing?
As years on my face are showing?
I thought I knew what I’d be by now
But still I’m at a standstill somehow

I guess I’ll continue walking some more
Until I find whatever it is I am looking for

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Where Am I?

Where am I?

I do not know this place

This place is unfamiliar

Like a dream

A dream that once was

Lingered in my unconscious

Unconsciously I float

I flutter free

To where, where is I do not know

I do not know this place

Where am I?

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Oh There You Are Friend!

It’s been a while

A long while we have not talked

I missed you so

Been waiting for your return

The sun cried for days on end

Because you were not around

The moon cursed the night that you were gone

Now that you’ve come back

The light of day is brighter


So much better than before

I welcome you back

So glad you’re here once more

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Where’s The Friend?

I like hanging out with you

I miss our small talks and conversations

We both have been so busy lately

I’d like a chance to be with you alone

To talk about anything, everything

Or keep silent and just let it all set in


Where’s the friend I’ve come to know?

The friend I’ve come to love

The friend whom I’ve shared my secrets with

Where’s the friend who understood and actively listened to my talks?

The friend who took heart and remembered all the details of the things I’ve shared


Where’s that friend?

My friend

Let’s talk once more

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Where This Road Takes Me

Where the road takes me…I go

To unfamiliar places

Where whispers of strangers linger

And places unimaginable

I will follow the path as best as I can

Though fog may cloud it

Slowly and surely I will make my way through


Where this road will take me…I do not know

Nothing is certain or set in stone

But every bump, pot hole or even dead-end

I may encounter….

I know that I will make it to the end of the road