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The Joy (and Sadness) of Friday

Oh joy!
Oh happiness!
End of the week it is
Weekend is waiting and I can get cozy in bed

Momentous event to have finished the week
Yet, a bit of regret
Two days of rest means
Two days not seeing you
Weekends mean my week ends with you

But absence is supposed to make the heart go fonder
I hope it does to you
So that even when Monday makes you blue
May I be the reason for you to be joyous still

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I used to hate Mondays…

…and I think I still do
But if I look at the bright side of it
Monday means I get to see you
It means the start of my week with you
And then, Monday isn’t so blue

Fridays should be days not celebrated
Because it’s the end of the week, end of my week with you
But then on weekends though I’d miss you
It’s a great opportunity to be by my own
And a great way to look forward to seeing you again come Monday

So, Monday isn’t so bad
Because you help make it so good

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All The Days

Wednesday’s wonderful,
Thursday’s terrific!
Friday’s fun
But Saturday is perfect

Sunday is slow and lazy
A perfect day before Monday!
Now, Monday may be manic
But it can still be FUNtastic!
And Tuesday comes along just fine,
Like perfectly aged wine

Before you know it, it’s the middle of the week once more
And we’ll do it all again for sure

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Week Ends To Days

I would like more time to relax
But responsibilities call
“I am tired!”, I say
But on deaf ears they fall

Rest days come by slow
Yet are fast when it’s time to go
I often wish weekends were longer
Because it’s not enough to get rid of this hangover

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I Wish Everday Was Sunday

If everyday were Sunday, I’d have a full week off

I’d be lazy, just lay back and rest

I’d have a grand vacation

and come back at my best

I’d have all the time in the world

would never be in a hurry

Would do the chores slowly and surely

I’d never move fast or scurry


If everyday were Sunday then there would never be a Tuesday

Or a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

People would never be grumpy since there’s no Monday

They’d be happy too if there were Saturday


I can only wish this were true

Still, I love the other days too

Just not as much as Sunday though