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Our Conversation 

I looked in his eyes and saw reflections of me

Does he understand? Does he truly see?

What we could be

I and he.
I say I love him, I said it shamelessly 

I feel light, I feel free

His eyes seem to smile happily.
His mouth parted as if he was about to say something

Then I woke up hearing my own heart breaking.

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The Umbrella

Rain gave opportunity
We shared my umbrella
But I stoped myself because, the uncertainty is there
Maybe he feels something
Maybe he doesn’t
Maybe there is a chance
Or maybe it was just a moment
But one thing was for certain
I wished we could stay under that umbrella longer

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You and I Are Not A Fairytale

We go up,
We go down,
I stay away and around
I like you but you don’t seem to
You don’t feel the same as I do

Not like the stories of fairytales of old
More like real life
Waiting and being told

You and I, we are real
And it can go awry or either way
But for now I will wait
So we shall see

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The Seasons Of Us

He was summer
I was fall
I was spring
He was winter

We’d never meet
Not even able to greet
For when I was ahead
He stayed behind
When I stayed behind, he went ahead

I fell but he didn’t
And I guess it’s all well and fine
Because I realized his cold heart
Was what he gave to me

Maria Michaela