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Half Moon

The half moon was shining bright yellow like a golden smile on the night sky.

I smiled inwardly, as the moon often does that to me.

Though not as bright as the moon that’s full,

The half moon still lighted the way for me.

I’ve always been in love with the moon

And it often reminds me that some changes can be beautiful.

©Maria Michaela

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We Crossed

I am nowhere and so are you

My thoughts are everywhere but not on you

We crossed paths but never looked or saw each other

A glance

But not truly seeing

You ponder but not about me

Our sights crossed

And then we looked away at the possibility

Of us

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I’ve been going in circles since I decided to let you go

I’ve been forwards and backwards

Up and down

Inside out

Just to get away from my feelings for you.

You got me tongue tied

Heart beating a thousand miles an hour

But I’m through

Cause you’ve played me before

And I’m no longer playing the game.

So despite going in circles,

I know I’ll find my way out of it soon.

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The Long Way Back

I took the long way back
Just because
The long way had a wonderful view
A sight to die for
I can’t express the beauty that I saw
Nor will I ever be able to describe it
All I know is that I enjoyed the journey
Even with some pitfalls

The road was not easy
It was next to impossible for some
Still I knew it was worth it
So I pushed on

I scraped a knee
I lost my footing
But onwards I went
The path was difficult
But it was all worth it
To see the beauty that was beyond compare
Taking the long way back was a good decision

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Way Back Home

Hurry now child bring me back home

to where the weary and the old are

to where I rightfully belong


Hear the Indians cry and howl

hear the river sing

My home from far away is calling me to return

I hear the drum beats


I float away as the flute resounds

magnetic and majestic

Lay me to rest in my homeland

now at last in peace

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The Polite Way

The polite way of saying no

Is to just say so

Rather than lie your way out

And cause someone to doubt


The polite way of telling someone you don’t like them

Is to not to avoid or condemn

But rather to say your part

Seems like a good start


The polite way to avoid a lie

Is to close your mouth and not to try

If you don’t want to admit or deny

Just smile and say “Why do you ask?”, as a reply


Whenever you find yourself in a situation

Try to think of the best solution

Think of what could be the most polite way

So as not to ruin your’s or anybody else’s day