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Never Learn

I couldn’t love you for it would be a lie

I couldn’t let you wait on me or let you say you’d rather die

Than be alone and without me.

For what you felt for me was never love, not at all

It was infatuation and wanting, no, not love at all.

To hold your breath if I told you to

That would have been too much power I’d hold over you.

You were wrong for me for I never wanted or liked you

And I truly am sorry for I could never learn to love you.

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Your Affection

Now I’ve learned to stand on my own

Now I’ve found my strength

Now I no longer mourn for the death of my heart

I have accepted reality and all the facts

And I am moving on

Now I no longer linger in your shadows

Slowly I’ve let go

You do not have to worry or pity me

For I no longer long for your affection

The same way as I did before

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Put Into Words

I tried to come up with the best words possible

I thought hard, but the words that came were terrible

I tried to muster and add up everything

I only ended up with my head aching

I looked up, stared at the ceiling

My mind is not like what it used to be, truly, I’m ageing

How can I express what I want to say?

When my mind is like a train that’s ran away?

Words racing through but not making sense

I have to arrange this, work out at least a sentence

Everything it seems is jumbled

I have papers littered around, all crumpled

My head is shutting down, I should get some coffee

Maybe include a bit of cookie

I’ll try to work this out after a quick break

By then I’d be wide awake

I should be able to get my head straight

And then back to writing, I’ll concentrate

I should be able to put my thoughts to words

Or else again, I’ll be looking upwards