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The fan turned on I woke up suddenly
The silence, if you’d believe it, woke me
Not a sound could be heard or at least I can hear
Is it just me or have I gone deaf? I feared
But then I saw the tranquil sky
So I sat down and wondered why
Why the stars woke me and shook me awake
They new I still had work, for goodness sake!
But then they sparkled and twinkled
And suddenly I remembered
I missed having these rare moments were I’m alone
And just looking at the stars on my own


Sleep with the light of the moon and stars
Dream away
The open sky is your roof
Look up! What a lovely sight!

And maybe, somewhere, someday
You’ll dance and be kissed under the wondrous lights


The echoes echoing the hallways
No soul in sight
The moon shines bright
The stars sing their lullaby
As the middle of the night arrives silently

Falling, Falling Asleep

falling, falling

Finally the head falls

On the softest pillow it falls


the eyes, the eyes

Slowly close to rest

Tired and heavy, heavy and tired


Fighting to stay awake

Waking to stay asleep

Sleepy head finally sleeps

The night owl hoots one last time

Then to dreamland it goes

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