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Waiting, Waiting Game

I look at him

He looks at me

Looking for an opportunity 

A moment, to set us both free



Here I am looking at you

Wondering if at all someday you’d say,

“It’s you all along!”

I’ll Miss You For Now

I’ll miss you while you’re not here

I’ll miss our small talks and conversations

I’ll miss our laughters and our tears

I’ll miss your silly expressions.
I’ll miss our morning routine of drinking coffee 

I’ll miss your simple giggles and smile

I’ll miss you now and how I wish to be

There for you, even just for a while.
I’ll miss you until you come to my life

I’ll miss you for now.


Your future wife

I waited 

And waited

And waited some more

Until I just couldn’t take it
I didn’t look for it

Nor did I ask for it

I just up and left

Until it couldn’t find me
I didn’t care anymore

Myself was enough 

I kept myself free from it

Until such time it would just come and find me

The Girl and The Boy

Like his feelings towards me
Like rain so fine you hardly notice

Like how stuck I am now that I have this something for him
I knew it was wrong from the start
I will wait until…

When she looks at me
To her I am ordinary, nothing special

For me to even have this feeling for her
Knowing she will never fall for someone like me
Many adore her, myself included
But I am just another familiar face in this desolate place

She makes me feel warm
And I can’t help but think there may be a chance
If only she waits until…

….ever say a word
Ever say if there is something
Something that you’re feeling
Feeling anything special
Special, am I?

I don’t want to overthink
Think too much
Much to think about
And so, I wait for the faithful day

Waiting On You

I daydream of you
My thoughts often run to you
I wonder at times if you think of me too
Do your thoughts wander in search of me?
I look into those eyes and I can’t fathom what they see
Your mind is unique
And I am more attracted

I can wait until then
Even when time runs out
Until then I won’t let go
Not just yet

Give It A Year

Something in my mind clicked
And suddenly I realized
Waiting is part of it
And so I will
But if in a year nothing happens
Then I’ll take it as the sign
That he may not be the one
And I may have to wait some more

Gahuwat ko pila ka tuig
Ikaw diay akong gihuwat, dili na jud palupig

Gihuwat ka, bahala ug dugay
Gihuwat ka, bahala ug nalangay
Huwaton ta ka
Basta, huwata lang sad ko ha?

I waited for how many years
It was you I was waiting for after all

I waited for you, no matter if it took long
I waited for you, even if it was delayed
I will wait for you
But please, wait for me too, okay?


Though you and I are not whatever people call as a couple
Know that the special feeling I have for you
Is solely for you

They can try to get my attention
But they are just distractions
The road I take is quite straight
And it leads to you

My eyes see only you
I hear not what they say
For I listen to you alone
You don’t make me feel giddy
You make me feel safe
And safety is more important than any giddiness

I want to tell you all this
But I can’t, that’s not me
I hope you can feel it
Sense it
And work on it
Because I’m only waiting
I am committed in waiting for you

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