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I couldn’t wait for love

I waited 

And waited

And waited some more

Until I just couldn’t take it
I didn’t look for it

Nor did I ask for it

I just up and left

Until it couldn’t find me
I didn’t care anymore

Myself was enough 

I kept myself free from it

Until such time it would just come and find me

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Waiting On You

I daydream of you
My thoughts often run to you
I wonder at times if you think of me too
Do your thoughts wander in search of me?
I look into those eyes and I can’t fathom what they see
Your mind is unique
And I am more attracted

I can wait until then
Even when time runs out
Until then I won’t let go
Not just yet

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Huwata Ko (Wait For Me)

Gahuwat ko pila ka tuig
Ikaw diay akong gihuwat, dili na jud palupig

Gihuwat ka, bahala ug dugay
Gihuwat ka, bahala ug nalangay
Huwaton ta ka
Basta, huwata lang sad ko ha?

I waited for how many years
It was you I was waiting for after all

I waited for you, no matter if it took long
I waited for you, even if it was delayed
I will wait for you
But please, wait for me too, okay?

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I Waited After All

After moving on
I looked back and learned
I didn’t want to look anymore

It was to come
Or it won’t
I told myself no more for now

Without a word
And not expecting
Something from someone came along

I didn’t notice
I couldn’t
I wasn’t looking

But there it is!
And I realized, I was waiting all along