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I wanted to move away from you

Forget this silliness of a crush

But then you show that gentle smile

And with a single “hi”

I go back to you like a boomerang

©Maria Michaela

Not All Girls

Not all girls have curvy body

Not all girls are tall

Not all girls are sexy slim

Most girls don’t have it all.


Not all girls are unruly but also

Not all girls are prim and proper

Not all girls like frilly things

Not all girls are makeup lovers.


Not all girls receive equal opportunity

Not all girls have their voices heard

But some girls are rising up now

And will not be deterred.

©Maria Michaela

Hear Him Sing

I’d like to hear him sing

That song that touched my heart

Bring Me Joy

His music

His voice 

Grand like the piano

Lovely and soulful

Hitting those notes like a soprano.
I listen in

He makes me feel warm and fuzzy 

His songs make me smile

And gives me joy

Raise your voice

Let it be heard
Stand strong
Conquer the storms

Remembering Grandma

Silence is golden
But not all the time
I want to hear your voice
To talk to you once more
But you are far away
To a place I am not yet able to reach
I know we will meet again
When my time comes
I will hold you once more
You can kiss my forehead
And it will be as if you never left at all

The Day I Lost My Voice

It was here a moment then it was gone ; it went away together with the rising of the sun

I was talking and suddenly silence ; I was slowly loosing my patience

Seems it left in a hurry, now I’m left here to worry

I wanted to sing but I couldn’t ; I wanted to keep talking but I shouldn’t

I cried without a tear, sobbed without a sound —– I badly needed my voice to be found

I’ll wait until it comes back to me, right now I’ll just have to wait and see


I’ve never been a fan, not much of a hater

though I never truly thought of it as art

Preferred those who were without it

like how I preferred those who did not smoke

He was completely the opposite

of my ideal guy

But then again what are ideals?

than mere thoughts and fantasies


He was real, as real as can be

he had tattoo all over his back and upper arms

Yet, fonder I grew of him

His honesty and stories, captured me

his charisma, his smile, his friendliness

All bottled into one, which is him

His voice, as he sings, echoes to my ears


The tattoos, that he thinks of as art

I’ve come to accept as it is

as a part of him, as a symbol of himself

I admired him, liked him, fell for him

fell deep, fell hard


Now, here I am, alone and without

thinking of his smile, his voice

and those tattoos

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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