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The Umbrella

Rain gave opportunity
We shared my umbrella
But I stoped myself because, the uncertainty is there
Maybe he feels something
Maybe he doesn’t
Maybe there is a chance
Or maybe it was just a moment
But one thing was for certain
I wished we could stay under that umbrella longer

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You and I Are Not A Fairytale

We go up,
We go down,
I stay away and around
I like you but you don’t seem to
You don’t feel the same as I do

Not like the stories of fairytales of old
More like real life
Waiting and being told

You and I, we are real
And it can go awry or either way
But for now I will wait
So we shall see

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What Are We?

I would like to know

I would like to find out

Curiosity got the best of me

So please tell it to me straight

Please be honest

I will not hold a  grudge

Or blame you for anything

I just want to know

I just want to find out

What are we if we are friends?

Or what are we if more than that?

I would really like to know

So pretty please, won’t you tell me

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See Us Grow

I’d like to see us grow,

to be real friends,

to be close friends

to be more perhaps…..someday


I’d like to see us stay as close as we are now

or grow to be closer

I’d like to have a page in your life

one that stands out

and see it grow to be a chapter


I’d really like to see….

you more and be with you more

Hoping to see us grow….together