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Am I Ugly?

They look, they stare

They wonder, they dare

They ask me why I’m still single

It sometimes makes me feel worthless, hence, I don’t mingle

They talk, they whisper

Words can hurt, they can blister

And even without a word I feel they’re saying smugly

You’re still single because you’re ugly


Am I Too Ugly…

To be loved?
To be wanted?

Am I too ugly….
To be taken seriously?
To be longed?
To be sought?

Am I too ugly….
To be noticed?

Am I?

I Curse The Beauty

I curse the beauty,

the so-called thin

the skin and bones that’s dry and hallow

the straightened hair that’s

nothing but plastic

and unreal


I curse the people who bring me

to my knees

who make me feel ugly

despite trying hard to be

like the skeletons of masses they are


I curse my fragile heart

and starving spirit

for the demons feed on innocent souls

they torture me endlessly

and yet they do it unwittingly


I curse the girl I see in the mirror

the one unchanged, almost, over the years

the one they pick on

the one they call fat


I curse the beauty

incapable, insatiable of content

and acceptance


I curse them all!

as my mental state slowly, but oh so surely

fades into oblivion


I heard someone call my name

Then felt the numbness and the pain

For when I looked ’round no one was there

Only nameless faces everywhere

They look at me; they stare looking aghast

Some didn’t even bother to look, they just walk pass

No one takes notice, no one ever does

For I am just nobody, I never am and never was


They do not know of the scars, the hurt, the tears

The loneliness, the sadness and fears

They only look outside and never in

For there might’ve been beauty deep within

I walk the streets with a heavy heart

For I am different from them, just worlds apart

The Darkest Tunnel

Find yourself in the Chaos

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