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The Twinkle

The twinkle in her eyes was the most beautiful I’ve seen

The stars would be put to shame

All the love was poured on her

She didn’t know this yet

But she would feel it as she grows

Her twinkle, captured this heart of mine

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December Stars

They twinkle bright,

brighter than a diamond

I look at them

up in the sky like almonds

Somehow they shine brightest in December

I could swear they looked ever so different

back in September


Not only is the mood

different altogether

but the atmosphere, the sky

look so much better

There’s something about the stars in December,

they certainly look more beautiful and precious

than I could ever remember

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I Dream of the Galaxy

as the Sandman showered me with his dream sand,

i closed my eyes and faded off to dreamland.

at first everything was pitch black,

i stared into nothingness, nothing but the dark.

and then i heard a boom and a crack,

and i saw beautiful, wonderful sparks.

firecrackers rained everywhere,

then rainbows shown here and there.

all the colors filled the darkness,

that seems to fill a certain calmness.

then i saw it form before my eyes,

the beauty that i used to see from the skies.

a comet zoomed past my head,

a meteor just right above my bed.

the stars twinkling brightly within arms reach,

there were countless of them, i couldn’t count each.

i saw swirls of vast galaxies,

it was an honor to be bestowed of their majesty.

planets small and big,

they danced, wiggled and jigged.

i sat there, or maybe i was floating,

still and in silence; row, row boating.

when i opened my eyes, i was looking at the ceiling,

but can’t help but smile at the wonderful feeling.

i would have loved to be able to see more,

perhaps next time, i will explore

of the majesty of the galaxy.