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Ed Sings

He made a rhyme and placed a tune
Talked about love and reaching the moon.

He told of heartaches and how his heart mended,
About the start of it all and how it ended.

He poured songs about life,
And maybe someday finding a wife.

He sang a song that seemed to be dedicated for me,
He had a way to get people’s emotions, you see.

When he sang it was heavenly,
And people sang along happily.

His gift is amazing! I can listen to him all day,
It wouldn’t be a bore, not at all, not in any way.

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I Wrote A Song

I wanted to write a song

and so I kept humming along

but ended up with the lyrics all wrong

because I added a bit of diphthong

somehow it just didn’t belong


So I rewrote it all

letting letters and words fall

and when I wrote the dot

it seems I hit the spot

seems I got the tune right too

now I don’t feel so blue


Yet to my surprise

before my very eyes

it was not a song I was about to show ’em

because it seems I actually wrote a poem