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I Count The Stars

Until the dawn hugs the morning dew

Until dewdrops trickle down the leaves

Until the moon stays full

Until tulips kisses the sunshine

Until it leads back to you

I will continue to count the stars

The Flowers

“Did you like the flowers? “, he asked shyly

I didn’t know how to answer

Flowers were never my thing really

Maybe some tulips would have been better than roses

Chocolates I love but would prefer books anyday

How can I break it to him gently

And say, “these flowers aren’t my thing, but then again, maybe it’s you that I’m not into”

End Of It All

Follow the stars towards the open field of rainbows

Walk towards where the sound of the river and the songs of the birds mingle

Smell the cherry blossoms amd the tulips as they greet your coming

At the end of it all

My love will be waiting for you

Not It

Beautiful is not ugly

As skinny isn’t fat

Tulips can never be roses

And the sky could never be the sea

However you look at it

One can never be, what it isn’t or what it can never be

Choo Choo Tulips

Is your morning boring?

Tired of the usual day?

Let me take your blues away

Tulips from me to you

A kiss for a smile or two

I hope it picks you up just right

And may the rest of your day be bright

Broomstick for Love

A broomstick for love, a cup for a secret

It’s like a whisper in the air, filtered with tulips

A broomstick for love, a straw hat for respect

A weird and wonderful combination

Though it does not make sense


A broomstick for love, a pinch of silence

It seems a masterpiece for disaster

A broomstick for love and a hint of smile

Brings rainbows all around

They pale in comparison


A broomstick for love like salt and pepper

It’s like black and white, goes hand in hand

A broomstick for love longing to be known

Hidden in secret waiting for its time

Covered by the shadow


A broomstick for love, a penny for luck

A feeling so magical and everlasting

A broomstick for love is nonexistent

It’s like a witch in love with a prince

A love never to be? or perhaps….


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