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A Decent Man

It hurts to know
That the ones who you thought are going to love you true
Could hurt you so deeply

Sleepless nights
Recalling not seeing the signs
The men who you thought are the only exceptions
Become mortal before your very eyes

It hurts knowing that they are after all the same as the rest
The heroes, the knights that you once thought they were
Mere facade

A father and now a brother
I am losing hope
And I wonder if those became lesser
Are there any decent men left of this Earth?

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This Poem Is Yours

You make me sing of love

Of heartbreak and heartache

Of hope, of giving up

Of destiny, fate, choice and for love’s sake


You made me look at the stars in ways so different

Made me feel special, wanted

Made me believe in love that’s true

In love that’s patient, a love that removed in me what was haunted


What I feel for you is deep and true

Let me be the one, that one and only

I will wait as long as it takes; haven’t I said that before?

Let me love you or forever I will be lonely


You, oh you! My inspiration of love

My symbol of trust, loyalty and faithfulness

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Slipping away

I feel it

I fear it

But what have I got to lose?

But why should I fear?

There is nothing

This is nothing

Enjoy the little things, I know I should

I just miss you terribly

I really do

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Just Trust

Why do you fear the unknown?

Why must you try to know everything?

Why couldn’t you just let it be?

Learn to trust

To earn the trust


Now is your chance

Your opportunity

To build it, care for it

Let it grow


Not seeing does not mean the end

It means a way to show that you truly trust

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The Swindler

he comes in the dead of night

silent as a cat

footsteps unheard and the next thing you know,

the thief has earned your trust.

he is deceiving,




he steals while you’re awake

while your eyes are wide open

but you don’t even know it.

he pretends to be someone who he is not,

he’s to good  to be true?

that’s because he is.

he’s warm, a smooth talker

all that you want from a man

but he’s eyes hide the danger of trusting such a stranger.

so girl, you better watch your back

and keep your toes

for you’ll never know when he strikes next

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What Your Friends Say

How well do you know the people you call friends?
Are you confident that they will stay with you ’til the end?
Do you trust that they have your back no matter what?
And that they’ll do what it takes to be where you’re at?
Do you have any idea what your friend’s say behind your back?
Do you worry they’ll strike a unfortold attack?
What your friends say, tells a lot about you
What you say about your friends is the same way too
Remember that rumors ruin friendship often
And all the trust built will be forgotten
Choose your friends, choose them well
The future, you can never tell
Friends help each other out
That’s what friendship is all about
If you wonder what your friends say behind your back
Chances are, you’re on the wrong track
What your friends say, tells a lot about you
What you say about your friends is the same way too