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Down By The Broken Tree House

I’ve traveled far and climbed the highest mountains 

But nothing compares with the broken tree house

It’s not much and it’s not a lot

But it’s where I can be just be me

I spend my time in search of a place

Where I can lay my ming to rest

And it is there that I can completely throw my troubles away

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The Swing

you stand alone, thinking no one’s there

you seem to be carrying a heavy burden

why don’t you sit beside the swing with me

and let us throw our troubles away


like flying through the air

yet somehow remaining on the ground, still

kick your feet up and feel the air

let’s soar high and above

and come back down more energetic than ever


troubles, my friend, are always there

but remember you can always swing past them

they are only momentary

the wall seems high,

yes, i know

but swing away and you’ll see

a brighter day


whenever you are troubled

or can’t think straight

take a moment to pause

and take a ride on the swing