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I was hesitant and feared the worse

Nothing would pacify my fear

It grew ever so great

Each time I was troubled

Anxiety engulfed me,

ate me whole

Swallowed my entirety and I was nothing


Just then He held my hand

and everything that I ever did fear

melted into oblivion

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Hurts Me So

it hurts me so to see you down

I’d want to make you smile

this life is not the one I pictured

where you will be


life is full of surprises though

and often times we fall on pot holes


but I’ll I fix the tires so on we will go

if we help each other,

tough roads are nothing but a fun roller coaster ride


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Heavy heart on a heavy coat

You look so down and older

The rain is pouring heavily on you

Washing out any trace of happiness

Pour it out like a tea to a cup

I’m here for you and I’ll catch your fall

Beat your weariness to the beat of the drum

Let’s chase your blues away on a fast car

The sunshine is just behind dark clouds

And you don’t have to do it alone