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Just A Tree

Skyscrapers are all that’s left of this world

But I console myself with books and stories from the old.

They tell of how green and tall the trees use to be

Some grew in meters high that the top you could hardly see.

Now, buildings tower over everything

The trees are all gone, reduced to nothing.

Oh! What I would give to see a tree!

©Maria Michaela

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The Trees Are No More

The trees that used to tower over everything are no more

They have been replaced by iron and steel.

The trees that used to sing and sway in the breeze

Have been cut down, removed from existence.

They cried, but no one heard them

Or if they did, they ignored them.

The once beautiful trees have gone extinct

And soon, we will too.

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Trees Over Buildings

Under the cloudless sky, the scorching heat let’s its presence known

Mother Nature at its peak, boasting of her power

While the people all cower, hide under the magnificent Acacia tree


Looking around you’ll see only that one old tree

It stands majestically beautiful in the midst

of the steel trees they call buildings

who take pride in their tallness and glamour


They took them all and didn’t even bother to think

of the consequences

Yet there they were, seeking shelter under its branches and leaves

Cool air being provided despite the dryness


And as the sun slowly hid behind the clouds white

I can’t help but wonder if someday they too might take that old Acacia tree

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Secrets of the Trees

The trees spoke to me

With incessant ecstasy

They hold the secrets of the mysteries

Of the land and beneath the seas


They told me of the secret of the sky

And the reason children ask “why”


They told me why the buzzing bees

Never care much for cheese


They told me that they also cry

Whenever one of their kind would die


I was in awe and felt weakness in my knees

After I learned the secrets of the trees

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Cut Me Down

I stand tall before all

the bark peeling off revealing a new one

the leaves, softly they fall

I am bald

yet I grow them all back

better than ever before


I dance along with the breeze

and I house birds

keep them sheltered as they share their

songs with me


my roots are deep within the soil

I grow as I please

free from any restriction

healthy as can be

as I give out fresh, pure, clean air

alive for more than a hundred years


then one day a dark cloud came  along

and steel buildings started to rise

were my relatives of old used to be

factories as they are called

puff out poisonous smoke

I grew weak and weary and tired

……and dying


man has axe on hand

ready to strike me

“what wrong have I done to you?”, I asked

as man started to cut me down

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The Earth One Day

I smell the earth as I’m buried underneath its roots

It moves, it breathes

gnawing slowly at my skin


A slight tingle, maybe an irritation

I scratch on it as a moss slowly grows from within

tiny mushroom sprouting here and there


The tree splits my stomach as it bends and stretch

Sweeping the wind with my arm

and my calloused fingers tingle to the warmth of water


Grasses are green no matter which side you are

I sneeze and flowers grow

I yawn and the dawn breaks into sweet music


The owls hoot and the crickets creep

as they play the violin

while the echo of everlasting beauty of the earth

engulfs me totally

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The Wonder of the World

There’s something about the water, there’s something about the sea

There’s something about nature that brings me glee

 There’s something about the warm breeze, there’s something about the sunlight

There’s something about the fresh air that makes everything right

There’s something about the birds singing

and how the trees are swaying

 Or how the rain drops to kiss the Earth

and the sound of life at birth

There’s something about the clouds, there’s something about the twinkling stars

There’s something about the crickets, and the music of a guitar

Every little bit is a wonder, and everyday I am amazed

The beauty of the world often goes unnoticed when it should be praised

So here’s to our world, the most wonderful one we could live in