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At the rooftop I sit

I wait and watch

As the whole world unfolds before my very eyes


It takes shape, all colors converge

I see the loveliest art form

No man could ever copy


At the rooftop where I’m alone

I take all the beauty in

In awe at its glory

A wonderful morning begins


At the rooftop I sit

Finding myself

Finding whatever meaning has been lost

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The Tree on top of the Hill

Over the hill, a tree stands alone

the climb is hard as the hill is steep

but I must move on

Over the hill where the lone tree stands

a great surprise awaits

the struggle to climb is worth it

I can see the tree, swaying in the breeze

I catch my breath, I’m almost there

I hold on to the blades of grass

I almost lost my footing.

so close, I almost came tumbling

careful, I will be as I continue to climb

Closer I am to my goal

my knees start to quiver

my breathing becomes heavier

My forehead is covered with sweat

and I grow tired

but I know what awaits me on top

so I move on

I see the roots of the Acacia tree

I have reached the top

the climb was long and hard

I look back and smile

the struggle is done

I have reached my goal

I sit under the Acacia tree

feeling so fulfilled

Yes! I’ve made it

I look at the horizon

the sun is almost up

the beauty and color of dawn

I hear the waves of the ocean

beyond the cliff

I am contented…I am at peace

this is my surprise