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To Thee

Edgar wrote of Annabel Lee

Who lived in the kingdom by the sea.

I’d also like to write poetry

About my love to thee.

But feelings are hard to put into words.

How can I make it sweet like the chirping of the birds?

What sort of rhyme must I write

To let your emotions ignite?

Still, ideas escape me

Unlike Edgar who wrote about Annabel Lee.

My paper is still empty

And I still contemplate of that poetry

One that I’ll dedicate to thee.

©Maria Michaela

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Down To Earth

I am prideful

I am boastful

I am arrogant….

……in short a sinner

I lavish in luxury

and bath myself with treasures

I am power hungry and will step on

anyone who stands in my way


I am all these….

a sinner among sinners

yet I still long to be among the humble

bumble bees

and to get back

down….down…down to earth


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Abraham To Kill Him

Abraham to kill him
Was distinctly told—
Isaac was an Urchin—
Abraham was old—

Not a hesitation—
Abraham complied—
Flattered by Obeisance
Tyranny demurred—

Isaac—to his children
Lived to tell the tale—
Moral—with a mastiff
Manners may prevail.

-Emily Dickinson-   

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Falling To Pieces

you might think I’d fall to pieces

but you’ll never break me, as I only bend with ease

you can try pull me down

but you’ll never see me give up

shatter me, and I mold myself back

I dust off the sands, endure the pain

ignore the scars and scabs


I’m stronger than you think

I may cry, but it helps me overcome the fear

the shadow that you force to cast upon me

I will not hesitate

you will never win

see, negativity may make me fall to pieces

but I’ll just pick-up myself

mend myself…

…and start all over again

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Oh! To Be A Grown Up

I thought of growing up and getting old

as it’s the greatest thing ever or at least that’s what I’m told

You can get home late or drink and no one will scold

You can leave your clothes dirty and full of mold


These all seems fine and dandy

But I really don’t care much to grow-up yet

Like how I prefer chocolates than candy

and donuts over brandy

I also think it’s a bit funny

’cause daddy still gets told

by mommy all the time

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Laid To Rest

When I have lived my life and I am laid to rest,

I pray that birds, on that day will sing their sweetest melody

and that it would be a sunny day.

I pray that my friends will be there to see me go

as I bid farewell to this world.

I pray that those that I have hurt will come to forgive me,

may they find closure and peace as I am lowered to the earth.

I pray that I will be greeted by my departed loved ones ;

to see those familiar faces once again

To be swallowed into the depths of the earth

to lay, to sleep forevermore.

All this I pray, as I am laid to rest

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Bored To Death

You look like you’re having fun

But me? I’m all good and done

It seems you don’t notice though

I rolled my eyes a million times

Yet you don’t notice and still talk about yourself ;

Your self-indulgence is such a crime


You imagine a romantic scene

While I doodle on how big your head has been

You and I just don’t rhyme

I might as well get out of here ; let’s call it a night

Still you seem to have your eyes shut tight

As you don’t seem to notice my struggle


You contemplate on dessert

While I contemplate to try to stay alert

This is just getting nowhere

You say you like my smile ; you’re being too kind

As I haven’t gotten your name in my mind

I should have just ran away

while you weren’t looking


It’s swell of you to come ’round

However, it was a mistake ;

I know how rude that sounds

Honestly, I know you’re just enjoying your ego

Basking under the spotlight through and through

I gotta pack up and leave now

Enjoy dating yourself