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A Title Is Needed

I am no poet and this is no poetry 

I write no songs, I share no story

I am mortal and yes I worry

About life, about love

About the moon and stars above
But I am no poet as you can see

I just write whatever comes to me


Enter Title Here

So I write and I’m almost done

However, one piece is missing

A key ingredient

The title is still blank

Nothing has been written


I scratched my head and thought things through

But nothing would ever do

So I left it blank, for people to ponder

No Title

I catch my breath, I hold my tongue

I choke and no voice comes out

I speak of life yet I am dead

empty inside

I hold out my hand, the door is shut

Echoes of endless sadness beckons

I wipe the tears that have formed

I go by the day like a mindless zombie

always on autopilot

My mind’s a blur, Oh! what a mess

I curl up and hide

What they don’t know, is how it hurts inside

Inside….where it’s well hidden

Into nowhere, into nothingness 

A Real Surrealist

Feel My Words

The Midnight Ember

An Ember for Thought

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Dear Reader, I am here to give you a little taste of poetry with some water on the side. When you come on my blog that's all that you will taste is Poetry. Not the type of poetry where it doesn't have a meaning. The type of poetry where you will be inspired, uplifted and you will have a different mindset once you leave this site. You might even come to get a taste of this poetry again. Don't be afraid to let your kids read this blog. My poetry is for and to help the youth. Bring them along with you. You both are scrolling down your phone or on the computer anyway. Let's have fun and get a taste of some poetry. I promise this type of poetry tastes delicious. Grab a plate and a fork and I'll feed you. ENJOY!!!!


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