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A Title Is Needed

I am no poet and this is no poetry 

I write no songs, I share no story

I am mortal and yes I worry

About life, about love

About the moon and stars above
But I am no poet as you can see

I just write whatever comes to me


Enter Title Here

So I write and I’m almost done

However, one piece is missing

A key ingredient

The title is still blank

Nothing has been written


I scratched my head and thought things through

But nothing would ever do

So I left it blank, for people to ponder

No Title

I catch my breath, I hold my tongue

I choke and no voice comes out

I speak of life yet I am dead

empty inside

I hold out my hand, the door is shut

Echoes of endless sadness beckons

I wipe the tears that have formed

I go by the day like a mindless zombie

always on autopilot

My mind’s a blur, Oh! what a mess

I curl up and hide

What they don’t know, is how it hurts inside

Inside….where it’s well hidden

Into nowhere, into nothingness 


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