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Such A Chore

When did love become a chore?

When did effort became so tiresome?

When did happiness became scarce?

Music suddenly sounds stale

Nothing is making sense.
You drag your feet but get nowhere 

And everything around you is darkness
When did these fall apart?

When did everything became such a chore?

Thankfully Tired

I am tired and I am spent
I am limpy and well over bent
My feet hurts
And the rest of my body is numb

Despite all this, I am thankful I am tired
It goes to show I’ve done well with my time
And that I have been blessed.


Exhaustion, it takes a toll on you

Yet when you look around so many people

go on with their lives ; always working

never complaining

Tirelessly they do their duty each day with a smile

They go unnoticed at times

but this does not stop them — the more they work hard


So who are you to say you’re tired and weary?

Who are you to complain when you are luckier?

Who are you to say that you’ve had enough?

Before you whine and complain, think of those who have it worse

…then you’ll see, exhaustion is just a matter of mindset

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