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Fragile is my heart like that of a balloon

Fly away into the sky

Please make sure to take care of it

Don’t just let it go or pass by.


Hold it tightly, keep it safe

Around your finger tie a string

Keep it really, really close

As if wearing a precious ring


Sharp objects keep it far

For it’s allergic to that

Do not pop my balloon heart like a gum

For it may never ever mend ; it will stay limp and flat


If you take care of it, it’ll bring joy and smile

It’ll bring color to your world of black and white

It’ll tickle you silly to the bones

It’ll wipe sadness and give delight


When I give it to you, hold it tightly

And make sure you keep it safely

I give this to you as a gift

So don’t let it go all to swift

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because I forgot to tie my shoes

I forgot to tie my shoes

So I missed the bus

Because I missed the bus

I arrived late at school

Since I was late,

I was not able to pass my homework

As I was unable to pass my homework,

I did not get an A+

Because I did not get a good grade,

I did not become an honor student.

Since I was unable to be part of the honor roll

I did not get to be known at school

Since I was a great unknown,

No one voted for me to be class President.

I did not become class President

all because I forgot to tie my shoes.