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The Thinker

She filters her thoughts

Keeps them in boxes for safekeeping

Away from prying eyes and spying lies

Away from criticism of the world

For she knew from long time ago

That if you are a thinker,

One that questions society’s so called normal,

You will be put to shame

For they prefer a non thinker

One who grasps nothing and take every poison they give

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I got you on my mind

Am I on yours?
I can only wonder

Do you think of the possibility?
Do you think of what could be?
Do you simply think of me?

I know you care
But you care for everyone
I sense something brewing
There is something you’re not saying
And I can only keep on wondering

I try not to think about it
About you
About my feelings for you
But I can’t help it,
You always seem to have me thinking

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Simply Stop

I’m going to stop trying

I’m going to stop caring

I will stop thinking

And trying to put meaning to everything

I will let things happen as they are

And will not mind


I am torturing myself

Making a fool of myself

Making it sad and difficult

I will do the best I can

To block this silliness

I want to be numb

And maybe

I can finally move on