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Hello Out There

On the inside looking out. Loving their freedom and energy. Sometimes I crave it. But also fear it.

“Put yourself out there”, they would say. I automatically think of being put on display for everyone to scrutinize, to look at. But I don’t want attention. I just want to be seen, heard. There’s a difference.

So, despite the fear I took the step and opened the door. Doing my best to be ready to take on the unknown.

©Maria Michaela

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Nearly There

When I haven’t started, they doubted me

Which made me doubt myself too

But as I started, those who doubted faded slowly

So I did what I had to do
Step by step, slowly with each inch

I worked hard despite getting tired along the way

Almost losing sight of the goal, so myself I had to pinch

I questioned myself but carried on anyway
And now, here I am where they say I could never be

I’m nearly there despite the bruises and scars you see

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View From Here

I take a step back and I look at the view

I inhale the air, I’m still feeling blue

I don’t quite know what will happen 

Eyes wide and bright, mind sharpened

I’m looking at the top from here

I’ll get there someday and tons will surely cheer

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Is There?

The teasing may have stopped
But am I right to feel the feeling is there?
Am I right to assume just a little?
In your eyes, when I look at them
I see some part of me
I wonder,
Is there something there?

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Almost There

I’m almost there, getting there

Slowly creeping out of the shadow

I will see daylight soon

I will be able to move on

I am not bitter

Only better

And I’m slowly getting there

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Oh There You Are Friend!

It’s been a while

A long while we have not talked

I missed you so

Been waiting for your return

The sun cried for days on end

Because you were not around

The moon cursed the night that you were gone

Now that you’ve come back

The light of day is brighter


So much better than before

I welcome you back

So glad you’re here once more

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It’s Lonely Up There

The story that you shared remains in my head

I keep thinking of the line, the line that you said

So lonely it was, I felt the sting

I may not have shown it

But my sadness ran deep


If we were alone, I may have hugged you

Just to let you know, it’s not all but sorrow

I should have said something more, I know


Remember though when you think it’s lonely up there

Just look down, I’m just right here

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From There We Start

From there, I want us to start from there

We’re starting, getting there



I’d gladly give you my friendship

……if only I didn’t wish for something more


Eye contact, I could never stare too long

And I notice, the same is true for you

I feel the connection,

It is there, but not there yet

Almost…..getting there


I’m not sure about what you feel

Neither am I sure of myself

All I know is the bond of friendship

Is where we have to begin