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Who Is Your One?

Is there anyone special that holds your heart?

Do you have your eyes set on someone you think is “it”?

Are you attracted or in love?

Is there a one and only?

Or your only one?

How would you know if that person is indeed “the one”?

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When I was Younger

I was young, well younger then

A girl of eleven years and pig tails

I remember it clearly even if it was back when

The world at my hands, nothing fails
And he, he was a friend of mine

Why I had a crush on him is beyond me

But at that time, he was my sunshine 

And it was crazy of me
But oh! That was years ago

And yet it would seem

He’s the one that got away

The one that I would have wanted to stay

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I’m Better Off Alone

You see I’d like to find someone to share this life we all live

But I don’t want just anyone, this love is not easy to give.

If it’s the wrong fit, then I’d rather spend my life alone

Than choose to be with the wrong one, I’d rather be left unknown.

I do not rush to things such as the matter of the heart

Because when it hurts I easily fall apart.

So if I don’t entertain your advances,

I don’t go with your pick lines or your subtle glances,

It’s because I see you as the wrong fit

And I’m better off alone than settle and just sit.

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The One For No One

How do you know when you’ve found the one?
Does your heart beat fast and all your fears suddenly gone?

Do you feel butterflies in your stomach?
Or maybe just nothing, not even a sweat in your buttocks

So I pray and wait and hope
That you may arrive
But then again maybe you have, but the time is not ideal yet

I am a no one, waiting for the one

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The Man

He was the man
He was the one
He was the reason
He was full of fun

He was simple
He was silent
He was awkward
He was radiant

He was all
He was something
He was “it”
He wasn’t nothing

He had, as she realized, the potential to be the one
He was, what she feared to be the man

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I Pray

I met a guy who is not perfect
Yet he could have been God sent had he been mine
Friends we became, friends we are
And I am okay with that, it’s all fine

He could be the one
I could only pray I find a guy like him
He is the one to someone
I wish it were me though
Oh I wish it were

He is God fearing
Loves his family
Thinks of the future
One I can bully

He tells me as it is
Though it may hurt
But I see the truth and he only means well
Like any friend would

If I fall in love with him
I pray, that he be blessed each day
Because I know he can never be mine
Only mine as a friend
To hold for a time

I pray I find a guy like him
A guy like my closest boy friend