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Series Finale

I thought there was still a chance

A chance that our romance will blossom 

But it all ended

When you did what you did

And so I have to completely let you go

This is our end

There will be no you and I

It’s not just the season that has ended,

The series itself is now done

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The End

Thank you for the lesson
Thank you for the time
I’ve learned to fall
And then stand tall
I broke my bones
And scrapped my elbow
But I got through it all
Well, what do you know?

I used to hope
I refused to see
Now I’ve discovered the best in me
Happier I am now and soon I hope you will too
I am closing your chapter
Thank you for the laughter
I cried a lot but it was all good
For I discovered myself through the process

Thank you again
I wish you well
This is were we end

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Yes! Goodbye, Goodbye

Goodbye to youth

Goodbye to innocence

Goodbye to the days long forgotten

Goodbye to chivalry

And everything that goes with it

Goodbye to uncorrupted smiles

Goodbye to simplicity

And beauty within

They are no longer needed

Or wanted

Goodbye to what once was

For it will never be again

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…That Ends Well…

We started and drifted off, you were wearing the shirt I gave you

and now it’s time for us to go

I turn my back and you look from afar

I wanted to leave the door ajar

hoping you’d come in


Although I know it would never happen

as it has already did

I crossed my fingers while you crossed that bridge

never to return, lost for good

Still thinking what happened


As we move on, you and I

we look back to this day that we said goodbye

it was for the best and I’m glad

all the same, I feel so sad

but things must come to an end