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These are my hands,
They will grow old,
They won’t forever look grand,
But they will never cease to fold… prayer

These are my knees,
They will buckle someday,
Yet they will not cease,
To kneel before you everyday

These are my feet,
They won’t always be strong,
But it will perform a feat,
Walking away from all that’s wrong

This is me,
A sinner
As sinners can be
But I will glorify Your name, always
As You are the reason why I am a winner

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Thankfully Tired

I am tired and I am spent
I am limpy and well over bent
My feet hurts
And the rest of my body is numb

Despite all this, I am thankful I am tired
It goes to show I’ve done well with my time
And that I have been blessed.

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The Night With The Stars

I heard the stars talking, whispering in the night

They bask under the full Moon’s beautiful light

When I shed tears they catched it all and

they taught me how to shine

Now they’re up and about again

while I watch them dance as I dine


Oh night sky!

Oh moonshine!

Lovely are thee

Thank you for the serenade

It has filled me with such glee!

Oh stars, oh stars!

Shining ever brighter

You have taught me to become stronger


As I tuck myself to bed

And rest this tired and weary head

I think and thank the stars once more

Happier am I now than ever before

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Thankful for each day of living

Each air breathed

Each moment cherished

Each smile shared

Each friend made….and kept

Each lesson learned and other lessons to be learned


Everything that has been given,

thank you Lord for the graces

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Conversation With God

Every night before I sleep
I look up to the Heavens and try not to  weep.
For my heart is full
with the Lords will,
My strength, my health & pockets full.
He has blessed me every day
Since birth till  today.
Thank you Lord
cause now I can afford,
to testify and praise  you
Precious, love and True-
Thank you.


– Sharon Sewpaul

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A Thank You

I feel so happy to have gone this far. I’m proud of myself for keeping up with my blogging. I realized that there is a person I’d like to thank for showing endless support by liking the posts I’ve made.


For Tracie Louise whose such a great supporter

although we have not met personally

Her photos, most wonderful that I’ve seen

has made everyday life less blurry

She’s my greatest critic,

though this she may not know

If she does not like my post,

it means it’s just so-so

I’m glad she’s around

though we don’t live nearby

She’s down under while I’m in the tropics

somehow, I feel a bond, a tie

May she continue to inspire

all people for years to come

And  may this little connection

become a simple friendship in blossom