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Thank you to the 1,302 earthlings following this blog. I appreciate all of you. 😘😘😘

-Maria Michaela

All The Time

And for each day I thank the Lord!

He has given me more

And by goodness gracious, oh my word!

I am more blessed than I was before

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength 

For seeing me through

Walk with me at all times

A Thank You

I feel so happy to have gone this far. I’m proud of myself for keeping up with my blogging. I realized that there is a person I’d like to thank for showing endless support by liking the posts I’ve made.


For Tracie Louise whose such a great supporter

although we have not met personally

Her photos, most wonderful that I’ve seen

has made everyday life less blurry

She’s my greatest critic,

though this she may not know

If she does not like my post,

it means it’s just so-so

I’m glad she’s around

though we don’t live nearby

She’s down under while I’m in the tropics

somehow, I feel a bond, a tie

May she continue to inspire

all people for years to come

And  may this little connection

become a simple friendship in blossom

The world is not like what it was

Everything is moving too fast

People are very busy

I think most will agree

We try to act like great actors

But most of us have forgotten our manners


A simple please for a request

And a warm hello to remove the stress

A heartfelt welcome for a sincere thank you

It’ll surely remove the blues


Parents, teach your children well

Because other people can tell

A child with good manners

Was taught well by the mother and father

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