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The Greatest Poets

They talked of the moon, the stars and that of love
They talked of storms, tears and that of heartbreak
They talked of rain and the morning dew
They talked of finding love, much like me finding you

They describe the colors like none have ever before
They made music sound more melodic
They turned the sky into a canvas
But they have yet to tell the story of us

I could go on and wonder
What the greatest poets have to say
About my feelings that’s bursting
They’d tell of the happiness and perhaps of the hurting
But even the greatest poets
Could not fathom what I truly feel for you

We go up,
We go down,
I stay away and around
I like you but you don’t seem to
You don’t feel the same as I do

Not like the stories of fairytales of old
More like real life
Waiting and being told

You and I, we are real
And it can go awry or either way
But for now I will wait
So we shall see

…because I don’t know how your mind works
No lines I can read
No sentences I can understand
I am not sure what to think about the things that you do
The things that you say
You are being yourself
But something in me has changed

I hate myself for starting this feeling
But I hate myself more if I push it away

I still can’t tell you
I hope you can tell me instead 🙂

Keep A Secret

Can you keep a secret?
Should I share this to you?
I’ll be pouring my heart out
That much is true

I’ll tell you all about it
But please know it is not easy
You may think it’s just fun and games
You might even think it’s cheesy

I’ll tell you my secret because I trust you
So please don’t break the rules
Here goes nothing
This is how it goes……

I’m Telling

I’m telling mom you’re being mean

I’m telling her you’ve been plotting schemes

I’m telling about what you’ve done to the dog

I’m telling her you’ve been keeping a frog

I’m sure she’d like to see your messy room

If I were you, I’d go get the broom


I’m telling her you haven’t cleaned your shoes

I’m telling her you drank all the juice

I’ll tell her about you shaving our neighbor’s cat

Oh! I’m sure she’d love to see what happened to daddy’s hat

I’ll tell her all about this and more

Unless you help me do my chores

You Get Jealous

Tell me you get jealous

Even just a little

Tell me that you’re wondering

Why he holds my smile now

And not you

Let me know there was that feeling

And there is

Show just a little hint

To give a little hope

A glint in your eyes


So show me you get jealous

Too, like I am jealous when I know you’re with her

Talk To Me

Talk to me

Let me know your thoughts

Share me these dreams of yours

Hold me in the moon lit night

Tell me all


I keep the world’s secrets with yours

Just open up to me

Trust that you are extra safe

And know you will always be

Admit It

People have been asking

People have been wondering

While I have been avoiding

And most often, denying

I can’t say and perhaps afraid to admit

That the paper is done and I have to submit

And the truth is, they are right

I need to stop being too uptight


Time for me to admit what has been so obvious

I have to stop being dubious

Yes! I think I am in love!

Love to love you.


Although I still hold back

I know the truth of where I’m at

Now I wait for you to spill the beans

Tell me you care for me more than you would your favorite jeans

I pray you’ll admit soon that you feel the same way as I do

Because yes, I admit, I have fallen in love with you

My Organs Tell All

if you dissect me, tore me open and looked inside

you’ll see I have nothing to hide

my organs lay bare for you to see

what really is inside of me


you’ll see right through my eyes

all the truths and no lies

my tongue utters nothing but your name

and I hope you feel the same

my heart is beating each thump for you

go ahead and look through


my stomach is filled with butterflies

when you’re near I can touch the skies

the hypothalamus in my brain will tell

what it is I truly feel


go ahead and look inside

I tell you, I have nothing to hide

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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