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…because I don’t know how your mind works
No lines I can read
No sentences I can understand
I am not sure what to think about the things that you do
The things that you say
You are being yourself
But something in me has changed

I hate myself for starting this feeling
But I hate myself more if I push it away

I still can’t tell you
I hope you can tell me instead ­čÖé

Talking To You

Talking to you, feeling at ease

Always fun to express my thoughts and feelings

Since you sincerely and attentively listen


Days of darkness and cold

Seem like a sunny day with you around

Brighter than any light that shines

Always looking forward to being close to you

Let’s get together again….

Let’s talk

when talking to the rain…

I’ve had my share of losing, I’ve had my darker days

I put it all aside when talking to the rain

I’ve seen my mistakes and the err in my ways

I put it all aside when talking to the rain

I’ve cried and have been hurt

But this all goes away when talking to the rain

In love, I am no expert

So I listen intently when talking to the rain

My day didn’t went as well as expected

But everything becomes fine when talking to the rain

Extreme emotions, I have been flooded

But all is well when talking to the rain

Doubts I have, and oh so many

I throw them all away when talking to the rain

Sometimes I’m lonely and even angry

All of these don’t matter when talking to the rain

Pour all your troubles, and let them go

That is what the rain whispered to me

Just take it easy, take it slow

You know you can talk to me

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