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The Last Sunrise

The last sunrise was among the best

The last surprise to an everlasting day

The sun crept slowly, its rays slowly shining

I  felt the warmth and it’s lasting embrace

The beauty was breathtaking

I have always preferred the sunrise

This one…this one was the most special

The horizon was most stunning

Night and day came together

While the rest of the world was silently sleeping

Brightly…ever brightly it was shinning

I took a deep breath

And for the last time….I saw the sun rise

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The Tree on top of the Hill

Over the hill, a tree stands alone

the climb is hard as the hill is steep

but I must move on

Over the hill where the lone tree stands

a great surprise awaits

the struggle to climb is worth it

I can see the tree, swaying in the breeze

I catch my breath, I’m almost there

I hold on to the blades of grass

I almost lost my footing.

so close, I almost came tumbling

careful, I will be as I continue to climb

Closer I am to my goal

my knees start to quiver

my breathing becomes heavier

My forehead is covered with sweat

and I grow tired

but I know what awaits me on top

so I move on

I see the roots of the Acacia tree

I have reached the top

the climb was long and hard

I look back and smile

the struggle is done

I have reached my goal

I sit under the Acacia tree

feeling so fulfilled

Yes! I’ve made it

I look at the horizon

the sun is almost up

the beauty and color of dawn

I hear the waves of the ocean

beyond the cliff

I am contented…I am at peace

this is my surprise