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Strange Moon

Round and looking ripe

Yellowish and no hint of stripe 

I gaze at it like I did so many times before

It removes my sadness and life’s sores

The moon, she gazes back and smiles

Even when I’m away for miles

She knows me

She sees me

She says hello.

Such a strange moon

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Tired (A Mother’s Woe)

Body, weak and numb
I get tired too

I may not look like it
But I ache all over too

I may appear super
But I am still human
I am an ordinary person
But will do extraordinary things for you

You think you need a break?
Try raising three kids at once
But I never complained because I did it for love

I may not look like it
But I am tired and a few beauty rests is what I need

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The Survivor

There was an uncertainty, a feeling of fear and doubt

But her faith was strong and God kept her safe…she made it through it all

For what felt like an eternity, she did not speak ; this outspoken person

Her silence engulfed the house and I missed her songs

It took a while for her voice to find its way back ; but it was never the same

She seemed to me a super hero ; invincible and invulnerable

But the big C took her strength, she was like a withering flower

Yet she kept strong and she was brave ; she never let it stop her

She fought it all though deep inside she was scared

She showed her weakness and her delicate self…the bravest thing to do

She took the punch…Oh! she took it all

She crumbled but rose from the ashes of what tried to engulf her

She became the hope, the security…the one that she used to be….and more

She danced and she sang again though not like before

But full of life is she, now she’s done it all

Her prayers and trust in God was what did it all…she would say

She disciplined herself as well….she fought the good fight

The big C did some damage but that was all it did

Now, she’s rid of it…and I pray it will never haunt us again

She’s done it and a super hero she was not

She is much more ; She’s a survivor

I dedicate my hundredth post to my mother, Lucila, who was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer back in 2007. For three years now, she’s been cleared and no signs or traces of the cancer in her body. She had a lovely voice and sang beautifully. Her voice has not yet come back to that but she can now sing in tune. To those of you who now of someone or has this awful disease,  just keep strong and always pray. God will be there to help and ease the pain.