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None Matters

The setting of the sun

Or the rising of it

None of it matters now

Now that you’ve gone

Hot cup or a mug to warm the hands, heart, and soul
Watching the foggy sunrise
With the ones closest to the heart.

I remember, I wished it was Christmas for the whole year

It’s A Good Day

Snuggle the pillow some more
Hide beneath the sheets
But Mr. Sun is calling
Showing radiant rays
Lovely as a gem

The morning dew kisses the leaves
As I stretch to awaken sleepy bones

Maria Michaela

It Is The Sunrise

I could go on and on and praise the sunset
But the sunrise, she calls to me
It takes great effort and great lengths for me to see her
But her orange red glow is beauty like no other

Slowly she rises, waking and waiting for all to see her
She smiles and so do I
And I let her warmth envelope me

Maria Michaela

Sun….Rise and Set

I miss you, sunrise
To feel you caress my face
You touch it gently
Embrace me warmly

You paint the sky
With colors so wonderful
Colors that I have necer seen before

I miss you, sunrise
I hope to be with you once more

Sunshine Shower

Oh sunshine shower down on me
Help this prisoner, set me free
Reach out to me, lend me your hand
Help me get up and stand
Give me the warmest embrace
Set me free from this desolate place
Oh sunshine shower down on me
Help this prisoner, set me free

Morning After

Daylight shines as bright as ever

The warmth of morning removes my shivers

As the dewdrops kiss my cheeks

And robins sing softly with each word I speak

Wonderful, wonderful morning indeed

Sunrise Kiss

The sunrise called me early

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other

I miss his warm embrace, his gentle ray of sunlight

caresses my face


It’s been a while since we walked together

Since he has seen my face

The sunrise called me,

I miss his kiss

The Last Sunrise

The last sunrise was among the best

The last surprise to an everlasting day

The sun crept slowly, its rays slowly shining

I  felt the warmth and it’s lasting embrace

The beauty was breathtaking

I have always preferred the sunrise

This one…this one was the most special

The horizon was most stunning

Night and day came together

While the rest of the world was silently sleeping

Brightly…ever brightly it was shinning

I took a deep breath

And for the last time….I saw the sun rise

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